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Hour. So we'll talk lunchbox about why he's here today. Which normally wouldn't be a story but he had jury duty and you were going to be gone for a long time doing a big case. Yeah offer months all that you were going to write a book. We'll hear about your case in about an hour. Alright ooh can still write a book on this. The case. that didn't happen. You know what the case. He's right here though. Sometimes they settled that seven six hours traffic point. So we'll talk to lunchbox in an hour about that. I did watch suicide squad last night. Whatever the nunez unknown. Hbo max and we subscribed so it's free weird because we pay for the subscription additional. So kaylin i watched it. And she's not big on superhero movies. But hey do you wanna watch movie. And she's like yeah sure so. We sat we turn it on and fine. I didn't love it. She actually liked it more than i did. And i think it'd be fine for your daughter to watch. Oh really yeah. It's pretty gory. Like in funny ways. It was entertaining. I would give it three out of five. Johnson is big arms. Oh they are huge. And i think the real. I don't think they've done any sort of my. Do you think they mess with johnson. His body in this because he's massive. No i think that's him. It's crazy how big it is. But i give it three out of five. I think caitlyn gives the three point five five but did she see the first one. No okay no but again she was just like we'll we'll watch it. Well you know we do. We have the different streaming services net flicks we have. Hbo mac with hulu. We look through about one hundred movies but because we have all the options. Nothing is good. I like there's gotta be a better one where we were just given like two options. We'd have found a movie we liked. We watched it. I thought it was fine. She thought it was pretty good. But i don't want to spoil it. It's funnier than it is like avengers. He knows a lot of comedy in it but somebody's upset with eddie about spoiling stuff. What this is kathy from wimberly texas boy. I am listening to the again. I really feel like eddie. Just outer banks. They don't tell the yeah you spoil it. I went did some research did i. You said something that doesn't happen until halfway through the first season watching that show. it's terrible. Yeah you weren't but that shows terrible. Like i watched the first episode and i was like this is so stupid. I can't believe the acting everything about it was awful and the fact that you're watching it you deserve to have it spoilt. But only one episode there is shows. I've watched i mean. Listen if i watch ted lasso and stopped at the first episode of been laden. I want to get it right. You can get into it. I completed season one outer banks. I'm not like dying to go see season two or start it but i have seen a lot of friends that i trust their taste and they post about it on instagram. And they're like they're loving it so he loves that kind of stuff right outer banks forever just because i like water and boats and partying people young kids. But it's fine. You're not gonna you're not gonna bench it. I'll tell you that much. You watch the only one episode episode in the first team is. There's these kids out on a boat and they're just looking. They're looking for a sunken ship. Or whatever and these drug lord show up and without even asking questions. They don't know if the kids are just out on the lake refund. They start shooting at them without even knowing what the and what happened on the inner banks but on the outer bath a lot is so dumb life out there. Be careful about spoiling stuff. Gonna say eddie. I i still stand by. I don't think that's okay. And i thought suicide squad was pretty good. Would you like to spoil it. No he doesn't. I don't i didn't like it as much as mike d. Liked it but i do love superhero movies. I was kind of let down a little bit but kaelin did like it. It's on hbo though. If you wanna watch it big day for me. Eight new episodes breaking bobby bones is up today on disney plus so if you guys have disney plus eight brand new episodes for you to watch her up there appreciate if you watch it or if you go to work turn them on. Let them play through. That also helped me so let's over and open. The mailbag now came alien. We call these mailbag. Hey bobby bones. My wife and i don't even see remotely. Either i when it comes to movies when i want to watch something. She'll sit there and politely. Act interested even though. I'd have no issue at all if she had decided to do something else. Well she wants to watch something though is totally different after. Sit there and if. I'm not engaged in the predictable. Romantic fantasy movie she enjoys. I get accused of being rude. It's even worse. I happen to fall asleep to see what you would do. Well you would suggest in the situation. Does this happen with you. do you. in kayla have rules on picking movies rj. We talked a segment ago. Where a texture. And i said. Hey you wanna watch movies. Yes we just went over and started flipping through the different platforms that we subscribe to the only one that we could settle on was suicide squad and she didn't even really why suicide squad i was like i went through a bunch i was like nah and then went on suicide squad and i was like oh that looks good and then. She didn't respond and i went. It looks good. She didn't respond to them. What that looks good you can watch. Suicide squad watched it and i don't think she planned like it as much as she did. She said it was one of her favorite superhero movies. And she's not a big superhero movie person but if she ever gets up walked to the bathroom all positive and like no. I need you to be invested. Some kind of like this guys wife. I'm like if you're going to be here. You need to be invested. I don't think. I respect a movie that she picks the same way. And i wish i would. Because i'll be on my phone sometimes so it shows me. I need to be better at this too. Because i'll go. We watch it but to be fair. I don't know that that. I have to compromise and watching movies a whole lot. Because she's not a big movie watcher. She'll watch a lot more housewives. I do sit and watch housewives with her which is an hour sometimes right. So could this be in the same category as like maybe for some women football. She does a better job at watching my crap that i do at watching her crap. I'll be honest. i can see that. But i do listen. I'll watch some housewives of salt lake. I'll watch house. Beverly hills you know. I don't know i think erica jamie and new now the man and that's the big question did air canal. I know she's going to be back the reunion. She's back for coming back. Okay so you guys would know about talking This is what i would say. I think you guys need a mutually agreed upon. Watch the movie you can have. Three phone breaks up a movie. You need something. He's almost like this emailer. Almost like okay look. I would rather not watch movies. So i don't have to movies but that's okay too. I think if the compromise where we watch movies fun to watch a movie together as a couple only if you both like the movie. And i say this coming from caitlyn's perspective is i've i've dragged her into king kong vs godzilla. And that's why i like that better than i thought i would and could tell she was like what i got myself into. Okay so. I'm the selfish one in this situation and i don't think it's always enjoyable for her. I know but if i want to sit down and watch how to lose a guy in ten days like i would appreciate it and if she came to me and said will you watch this with me i would. She just doesn't do that very often. She's like here's some so. I just think there needs to be a mutually agreed upon either. We don't watch movies together. We pick one a month off our crap or it's this free range do whatever you want if you don't like it but you both have to agree to it or you're gonna hold resent toward the other person. Although it doesn't feel like she's very is up. I know him. That's what i'm saying What would you suggest. I mean i would suggest he needs to like do a little bit of what she does. He needs to sit there and pay attention and watch movies. He's not appreciating the fact that she's doing for him in fact. I think i'm paraphrasing. He's like i mean it's fine. She's doing it. But i'd rather just not watch them with me. And that's so that he can have an out from her movies and that's not cool. I don't like that guy acting better guy there you go. Rj that's.

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