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Classic nineteen eighty six album the queen is dead the smiths with there's a light that never goes out i'm speaking with former smiths guitars johnny marr i was interested to see that you still play the song in your life sets what is your relationship with the smith tracks now will for the longest time i mean years and years i didn't play any smithsonian i thought it was sucker son is the right word but it just didn't seem too young i had this things to do i didn't wanna be seen as like a proper being propped up by my legacy against so many years i didn't do it and it was one of words with them out to new zealand and played with neil finn of got great respect for he's a phenomenal songwriter and musician yeah he asked me to go out and play few kicks with him and he sits mel hey johnny soundcheck you only get up and play there is a light now we either didn't realize or he completely bluffed them with just you know drop your precious bullshit you know and and not moment felt kind of like yeah very precious no on a little bit of me or big power and it was like don't you know i don't do sounds what you in the internet will break in all of that all of that over the top stuff so we went out and played it and it was amazing the audience i realized that is very coney thing seibert just belong to to anyone who likes it when i do that so now i do almost feel come just kind of almost like a conductor just leading everybody else in this in the song really doesn't it's not really about me it's about fights his by everybody else he's memories and everyone else who's relationship with when you've done things about not a real privilege and he shouldn't be so up yourself about talking about morrissey he's been in the news numerous times in the recently in past years making comments what immigration race brexit they all feel incongruous with your new record i have to ask what your relationship with more see is these days we don't have a relationship and that's fine really make sense to me that we of anyone take an interest in why do knows anything about may wouldn't be surprised by the really with very very different people always been very different people i think everyone's allowed to say whatever they want but i don't agree with it and it's my prerogative to not agree with that and you know he doesn't want he says doesn't really very much today we might well that i don't really recognize as being pa my world it's only with some some other world i'm not involved in i understand why i would be questioned about it of course boats it's an obvious thing to say but i've been thirty years since i left the group and left it could reason never regretted leaving a the group split i think it was a real shame but i will say also that assad as well as you know the smiths were like rem or the rolling stones all you to we were never built to be together for years well let's get back to the present let's here another track from this new album called the comet this johnny marr with actor attractor actor attractor from my guest johnny mars new album call the comet johnny called the comet is an album that provides escape from the times we live in yet it also reflects on the times we live in right that's yeah doing both those things at the same time what is music's power in turbulent times that we are presently in music i think i need times for me i'm on my friends the likes of people i billy bragg but in going out there and playing trying to not be knocked fuel course by what's going on and still have relied dealers and you don't have to sing converts the idealism you just after eurowings just know whether you're you're on the same side right i think that's kind of as a pretty good job i think and post brexit and trump i thought what's my best response to this and it was actually simplest it sounds it was be really really good at what you do because then people can buy ticket body album to come out and see and you can go you know what at least a music scene isn't turning to shit good luck with all of johnny thank you thank you for

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