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The street from deutsche bank world headquarters it is currently ten thirty here on the continent i'm going to go over there in just about an hour and a half when the press conference ends and sit down with john crime the ceo of deutsche bank to ask him what went wrong this quarter and how he's gonna turn it around in the future yes aides adt them because we what an hour and thirty minutes into the trading day he and we see deutsche bank his trading down by more than six percent this morning a real lag goes on the european equity seen this morning we teeny itself he's a negative picture so we down by eight sensitive cents on the silk sit sanja defense you 100 getting the best of the losses if that's possible down by two tenths of a percent you can't keiron's amd these actually dax down by around two percent or more than a percent in the case of executive acts the 'cause of that weakness coming through from deutsche bank said banking stocks certainly week at one of the few sexes this have been quite resilient today is the energy sector and really that has to do with a slightly higher oil price so if you're looking for a defensive in it on a day where we're moving lower generally equity markets and that seems to be the place that people are going we are at sixty five ninety two on the price of a barrel of oil over on wti could check them i we are on the dollar and on rates than the dollar the dollar index up by twotenths of a percent right now at the us 10year yielding two point seven nine percent we sort move high yesterday we saw the 30year go over three percent and focussing mines rarely on the pace at which we're seeing these bond market yields go higher that those suit equity markets has clearly one of the big talking points all the morning not all right so the fight to define brexit continues and with just eleven months to go it's all fight and no definition one of the question centers on whether the uk should have a customs union with the european union after it leaves veteran brexit backer liam fox is digging in he told bloomberg britain has to be able to make its own trade policy or won't have quote taken back control.

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