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Well being for you Larry o'connor yeah I have that right now which party is really having the problem with you and with your vote and with your national origin and with your religion because it seems to be the Democrats are providing safe haven for anti Semites a representative rescue to tell me she was on a podcast and she said this about the hotel just a few alcohol to two weeks ago or so we celebrated for just it took a moment I think that our country to work by the way on up all right here she almost sad and then stopping record stuff you said we celebrate the Holocaust and if you stop yourself in several we we we stop remember the Holocaust but it is not that that was the first word that came to mind with regard the Holocaust that they celebrated the Holocaust the letter will go to your show weekdays ten to noon seven ninety day ABC C. dependable traffic right now westbound side of the ninety one state college to leaven still have this mid day road work in the carpool lanes blocked it is going to be a bit busy here he said it's Santa Fe is a crash in the right lane slowing you still at a loss Cienega south world by to the north seven ten have been working at a big rig fire in the left lane that's now backed up all the way to create jobs north one chanted hill there's been some road work here is well affecting the harbor through downtown westbound sixty promoted a reservoir also have road work in the two right lanes still busy from your blood and he said it's interest clearing an accident a few minutes ago that was still in your right lane next reported to forty four I brought a Kramer AM seven ninety KABC AM seven ninety KABC market check the Dow closed up twenty seven points today the S. and P. was up a point in the nasdaq also closed up fourteen points and seven ninety KABC whether it's from the seventies at the beaches mid eighties to low nineties further in land it's currently ninety three degrees in Glendora seventy three in Huntington beach eighty five in downtown LA for seven ninety KABC in HD now ninety five point five FM HD two looming in on seven ninety AM plus get the live stream of the podcast KBC dot com Warner KABC news face open California has an Edison customer you have rate options that could help you save money energy or the environment find out of time of use green solar electric vehicle rates are best for you it as C. E. dot com slash so cal rates a B. C. news sponsored by southern California and did a N. seven ninety KABC.

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