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Speed with the things you need to know this morning info to go is here. What's in the news? Diversity of Maryland. Changing course in his fired head football. Coach DJ Dirk the move comes just a day after he was reinstated, which led to outrage and protests by students politicians in players on the team Durkan had been on paid administrative leave since August during an investigation into the culture of the football program after a player collapsed and died in practice. Twelve year old northern Virginia boy was charged with sexual battery after girls in his class reported that he touched them in appropriately the student add Rippon middle school in Dumfries accused of touching sixth grade girls starting back in September. I he apparently did it on their private areas. Over their close today is the last day of early voting in Maryland, the Maryland state board election says over four hundred sixty one thousand Marylanders have cast their ballot at the early. Voting polls. So far that's more than double the number who voted back in twenty four teams governor race on the last day of early voting in DC is tomorrow. A survey by Bank, rape dot com. Finds it millennials are much more likely to discuss their salary than other generations. And sixty four percent of millennials have told a family member other than their spouse their salary compared to just forty three percent of baby boomers thirty three percent of millennials have shared their salary with a co-worker only eighteen percent of baby boomers have done that. And forty eight percent of millennials have told a romantic partner how much they make. It's versus just twenty nine percent boomers millennials for not being concerned about wealth and income. Well, these things fleeting except that. They don't mind telling people how much they're making right? They talk about it. Care. Okay. Just don't care. They'd rather be out saving the world. And there's nothing wrong with twenty five cents an hour. Four hundred bucks an hour. I'm going to go down here. And I'm going to help with this sunny skies. Nice day seventy six today right now fair and fifty three at seven thirty six real stories from real people all over the DMV today. You're going to hear a crazy. I date that I think is going for the award chilly of T M I T M I Kathy in middle river will share her story in just minutes. The right there it is Thursday. Ninety.

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