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Wrestling. 105 50. Okay, one this right song, this song right here. I'm pretty good at drinking beer should check us out on the roommates tomorrow. Six o'clock right here. On 5 50 caff. Why I celebrate craft Beer. Can't beat that right. They're all in. I think they huddled up any of the Democrats all huddled up and they said Look with here's what we're gonna do. We're going all out. We're gonna gonna say the craziest, most outlandish things we could possibly say, and we're just going to try to deflect from something That's the on Lee thing I can think of. When I hear I Ana Presley. When here I honor Presley talking about the GOP using chemical warfare against them. It's criminal. It's figure Don, I don't know what else to call it. They have been complicity from the very beginning in their willful criminality to carry the water for Donald Trump and his denials, which allowed audience tonight out of control and then by refusing to wear masks, thistles, criminal behavior. That's chemical warfare. That's chemical warfare If you don't wear a mask That's chemical warfare. And I an impressive gets a high five from the head of the DNC. High five. Great job. Fantastic. I told you Go make it up to say the craziest things that you could possibly say. And then she took a shot at her man. Congressman Vic died when they took us to the quote unquote safe quote unquote walked in. And you know what? It's a safe room, okay? And if you don't believe it's a safe room just don't don't even try to go. If you can call the quote unquote resign from Congress and go by, If that's the way you like to see you later, Bye bye, Sister and And saw that there was this contingent of anti masters in the Rome gathered, gathered immediately accident. So imagine in that moment that the choice because we're working She left the safe room because she was more scared of the congressmen and women who weren't wearing mass than she was of the mob crowd that was gathering inside the capital. No, no, no, no, she didn't. None of this happened. She's lying. Absolutely. She is. There's cameras on everything. We're identifying people. Dozens a day are getting arrested because there were cameras everywhere. People were live streaming. There were security cameras. Everything showed him. Where's the video of her walking in and going? Watching her pearls and running out of there where none. You don't see it. If she could say Here's my the video of me going in seeing their people that mask and I was gone, I believe you, but she's lying. She is a liar, period. This is flat out propaganda. You noticed what language is being used over the last few days. I'm going to say it's coordinated, but it is. Bin Laden. Eric Swalwell compared Trump to bin Laden. James Comey said that Trump has led his followers like bin Laden. He said that today on the view you have Joy Reid on MSNBC, saying that They somehow need to de Bath us like we're followers of Saddam Hussein. Domestic terrorists attacked the United States Capitol. She just used what? Where did she use local warfare? Maca warfare. You see what they're doing? You see, I just gave you five examples. Of using terrorist language about fellow Americans. Or you could just make up the First Amendment. The way you want is fit to your narrative. Here's the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, so This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was rigged or that we were trying to steal the election, unquote that's a lie and that you do not have the right that is not protected speech. The second, those lights went up. They should have been deleted. That's not protected speech you saying, I think something was wrong in Pennsylvania. I think they were cheating in Pennsylvania. That's not protected Speech under the First Amendment of the United States iron a crowded theater, he.

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