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This is Tina Powell with this week's tina's tips. Thank you Tina. And thank you for being in studio with me today and stay tuned for more tina's tips in the coming weeks to come Tino. What is your business that you do that? You can explain to our listeners a little bit. And how Elizabeth helping you in that. Sure. So C, suite social media. So we work with. As Elizabeth alluded to we work with the C, suite leadership. Usually, it is the CEO of privately held organizations, and we help them to build their brands and their most important business objectives using a combination of digital and social media marketing, we're Elizabeth has been instrumental is communications, and I would say I'll call it almost crisis communications or situational communications where there might be something that comes up, and you want to make sure that you respond to it appropriately. And I think that a lot of times we put a lot of especially me, but we tend to act with a little bit more emotionality than need. And if there's one. Tonight. Not exactly it's the Elizabeth. Barry rule, please no Email response in twenty four hours. Let that kind of twenty four hour. That's a true fact. I mean, I have heard that before because you immediately are in that, you know, respond mode, and you're right. I think that's a great tip twenty four hours let it settle and then respond and also too. I think that we're she's been instrumental is that stuff shows up if you're a business owner, if you're an entrepreneur, it's not that your your whole week is scripted things come up, and you need you need an objective point of view. And so we're Elizabeth has been beneficial in not knowing exactly what I want to respond this way. What's the right response? Again, things kind of things come up, and I'm also learning to be a better communicator. I think that Elizabeth models at herself by showing me what that follow up looks like and my clients love my follow up. There's not one marketing meeting that I do with my client that doesn't involve. Of some sort of follow or notes that we take an action steps as well too. So it's providing just learning to be a really great a better communicator, a better business communicator and being able to serve my clients better. That's great. So you work with with entrepreneurs like Tina and help her to become a better communicator. What are some tips that you can give us about that? My tips would be to breathe. I know I tend to just. The the releases all in the X hail. Everything is found in the XL to smile smile. Thank adults.

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