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I'm twenty four seven with the people in my little neighbourhood and we all these parents like this is we hang out on friday nights and drink wine and our kids i've watched movie in the you know that's the night we let them at pizza watch movie say up as late as you want we're going to sit out here and like have our night and and we none of us leave our area it's sad actually people will be like can you come down to westall and on my guy got i'm away hollywood that's a twenty minute drive i can't do that so i'm happy i'm comfortable but you know i also just like realize like i you know i i have to work someday again i really do i love it do i do i miss it right now no but when i do get like a kind of a taste of like doing something like i recorded something for for someone recently and just being in a room and like laughing and being creative and and i was like oh this feels so good it felt so nice so i'm getting there i'm i'm getting there but it's i'm really looking for what's going to fit what i see for my life which is the first two years of sade's life i didn't see her and that like always wanna talk about it i wanna cry because she didn't want me she wanted nothing to do with me and i saw a half an hour a day and that's was heartbreaking so i've made a route to myself to really to really inhale this time with her because you know what when she's eleven years old she's going.

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