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The story you are about to see is true the names have been changed to protect the innocent I keep I keep playing that because he doesn't seem true it was a breeze to asking some Tempe police officers are paying customers by the way on July fourth two please leave either move out of the view of a customer who feels uncomfortable or just leave the store they left the store and is Jamie was just mentioning the Tempe police department and the chief there chief Moyer has said guess what we had long talks with Starbucks somebody who work for Starbucks told me they brought in the number three person for Starbucks in number three number three on the list and you know who keeps commenting on this and and the one who actually made the apology is the Starbucks executive vice president woman by the name of the rose and Williams who happens to be the president of U. S. retail for the Starbucks how many stores that oversee in like three billion because they're on every corner right and I have to mention it just popped up on Twitter a friend of mine who lives somewhere in Arizona not going to say where this post a picture of a bunch of police in uniforms says me and my friends outside of Starbucks with McDonald's coffee they're all have their their all have cut Donald's copy there's an outside you know I don't want I don't want to you know side with any wants money to our corporation the rebels copies not bad you know it's great it's a Buck you know as opposed to thirty eight dollars for a Trent whatever it is you know with all sorts of stuff in it I I don't know but I just I just I get a kick out of all the political speak and then I get that the chief in Tempe has to do this I get it I'm I'm not blaming her I just it's still just cracks me up she tweeted yesterday we had a profound few days with the Starbucks team and we are doubling down on our commitment to join together in service of all people the statement that was released by the Tempe police department said both organizations so I'm assuming the Tempe police department and Starbucks are really referring to the Tempe officers association after and the individuals involved in this meeting remain committed to serving and safeguarding communities while fostering inclusiveness dignity and respect I guess you know serving people caffeine in the specially in the morning is safeguarding communities but it's the police is chop the safeguard communities so I don't understand why Starbucks gets brought into safeguarding communities and of course we have to throw in there the fostering inclusiveness dignity and respect which I hope of course means that there will be inclusiveness dignity and respect for people who will protect our communities namely police officers who by the way we're paying customers so wow I don't know it to me meaningful and positive which is the words they use from the Tempe police are meaningful and positive discussions dialogue would be okay are you a fire in the brief stop because you don't we if you if for for told and I actually grew this if we're told that you can't blame the whole company and you shouldn't boycott the whole company because of one bad move by one to restart well then what do you do with Marie Santa once you may lose their job but at least you know the modem what it does I think separates that has probably learn their lesson yeah you're probably right that's probably good enough at this point I don't think they'll ever do something like that again right it's seven seventeen now K. T. A. R. time for a tech check with HIM commando so sick and tired of the kids using smartphone social media and video games every single minute that they're hiring now so called.

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