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More than two hundred joins published only in sixteen eighty one hundred sixty one years after his death under the title treats on painting its purpose purpose was to teach students how to draw more realistic human animal figures by understanding the you know the organs muscles bones and everything tendons that lie beneath our skin leonardo drew many studies as of the human skeleton and it's part as well as muscles and sinews the heart and vascular system the sex organs other internal organs he even made one of the first scientific drawings of a fetus fetus in utero as an artist are closely observed or recorded the effects of age and of human emotion on the physiology studying in particular the effects of rage <hes> he also drew many figures who had significant facial deformities or signs of illness he also drew a studied and drew many other animals as well dissecting cows birds monkeys monkeys bears and frogs comparing in his drawings their anatomical structure with that of humans also made a number of studies of horses. <hes> this book now exist at the elmer belt library u._c._l._a. In los angeles elmer belt pioneer and sex reassignment surgery and collector of everything da vinci he could get his hands on afford a leonardo da vinci paint saint john the baptist fifteen fifteen when he's sixty three an oil painting a walnut wood or on walnut would believe to be davinci's last painting and saw sixty nine fifty seven centimeters little guy guy lewis guy now exhibited at the louvre in paris peace to pick saint john the baptist nice latian saint john pelts long curly hair smiling in in in in in ign- matic in jesus christ indyk matic manner reminiscing of leonardo's famous leader. <hes> also looks like kenny g. like a. lot at saint. John looks a lot like energy painting. <hes> have fun trying to not think about that. If you ever look at it <hes> from september fifteen thirteen to fifteen sixty leonardo spent much of of his time living in the belvedere in the vatican in rome where raphael and michelangelo or both active pretty sweet just three teenage mutant ninja turtles children the vatican. Nobody whoop three the greatest artist of all time she didn't shit that's all also fifteen fifteen francis. The first takes thrown in france <hes> and on december nineteenth fifteen fifteen leonardo meets with francis the first pope leo the tenth so you know it's kinda famous ship kind of a big deal beaten up with the king you know france and the pope having some wine and some cheese take any liens out measure them making the guy with the smallest one running naked lap around the palace being bruce following year francis the first commissions d._n._c. to build a robot not kidding he wanted a robot lion or at least mechanical ones so we asked the greatest wizard live to make it for him and then leonardo did indeed build a mechanical lion for the coronation of the king of france he built his mechanical chemical line with the ability to walk and upon reaching his destination open a compartment in is fully automated chest revealing a florida a stylized lily league honor of the french monarchy unsurprisingly <hes> the line was lost destroyed some point history god bummer in two thousand nine another mechanical tinker run out the door but at o. drew inspiration from davinci's line made his own version based on davinci's plans which walked swayed his tail moves jaws. I had a secret compartment that opened the <hes> to really florida. I mean swedish. No wonder some people think this guy was new money. He made a walking robot line and fifteen fifteen..

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