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Ooh look good i'm around here looking so happy works out because there is cutting though going back while you could go it grows so fast i had a dusting of here today or later in vivid by week it was a full head it in a my you know what i did not go ball to have air in the league this is expensive saves so much money by not having the air now have ghost the barber once a week and i'm just like this slide what i play your lives but it's it's ninety eight today in dc i think so i appreciate you know i've never i've never heard the phrase dusting of hairs like slight snow snow snow hair it's not just in gentle testing a here maps four hair but you can see their sprout it was transferred up and i was like really today's come on i'm thinking like their ball people will go there ball for like weeks amid maybe once a month they get it but thanks here enough to say when i was talking to you at the conference i did not it's a minute to realize what was happening to after while you're on the panel and you re telling her story about the why i stayed hashtag it was kind of blown away because you were so approachable into warren who's like oh she did that she had the white eight hash shy so can you talk a bit about the hashtag it started after the footage of ray rice punching his fiancee at the time so what was it about that incense of domestic abuse that moved you so much oh several things about was twenty fourteen the summer early fall between fourteen in at that time i had lifts my own abusive marriage it been about four years so when i left my marriage i left incomplete silence like i did not tell anyone other than lino the necessary parties my parents mr mcgregor everyone knew i got divorced but no one knew why you know it wasn't something that i i was public advocate for in any way i didn't talk about it i delayed a donating two different domestic bonds organizations in you know would posts anonymous blog posts seems like those back the end of the blogging days kind of but post does in in that was it like i didn't feel comfortable talking about it i didn't feel comfortable on expressing anything about it it just happened it was over outside of it so i remember that day that the story was released by tmz in along with the story there is a video and the video was of him punching his fiancee in an elevator in the dragging her out of the elevator in so teams released the video it was much different time on twitter it was kinda in between icon on twitter in twenty like right after i left my accent spent in it was all just kinda funny jokes they're no no one really knew each other all talking into the void in them but twenty fourteen it was still sort the same but i think more people were coming over to twitter from facebook or wherever they were before in it was there was a larger audience there there were more people there than there were four i wouldn't say that i had a large following a maybe a few hundred people out not even in the realm of you know what some activists have today in so i was just there talking talking about coffee probably nothing nothing important it's morning coffee the video comes out in within minutes all almost immediately within minutes people were asking why would she stay with him it took no time for the.

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