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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Bruce and unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asia America I'm feel you Jeff Yang and it's been a minute, or so since we had a an episode of the show, a lot of things going on attempts to reopen the world that did not go as well as we'd kind of all hoped who saw that coming? Yeah, but here we are once again. recording from core and we wanted to have an episode. This week that actually covers a bunch of different issues that we've been seeing a lot in the conversation in the media and we also wanted to bring onto people who? We think are awesome. An old friend of ours and a new friend, both of whom have a lot to say about this topic. We're going to introduce. An invite to our show. Dan Mathews Dan Aka Dan coming to US right here from right here in California somewhere. Damn? Hello. Thank, you guys. And, of course, the we've, we've known you for a long time, and we've been wanting to get you on the show for a while for something, and this just seemed like a really good time to have this particular conversation. And then we also wanted to bring on a great Newton. Coming to us from Madison Wisconsin a new friend of ours a grace, welcome to the show. Hi, thank you for having me. So grace and Dan. The topic we wanted to talk about is once obviously. Very Germane to your experiences..

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