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Keep it in believe bun. So I can stay more in that role of of doing. Here's the other thing. Doug business building is all about mastering the Boreham of success. It's people think that success should be like. This is this a sports game. People love sports because they love sixty minutes. Clear winner clear loser. Right made. They're missing though. The reason why those players are able to do that the years of boredom of waking up at three o'clock in the morning and jumping into a fool or the years of tennis or wherever is that. It's going on there to get put themselves message rations or it's about mastering the boredom of success, and sometime I get bored. I wanna pull my attention in my teams tension away from it. When needed is hold the line will give me an opportunity to be a little bit more board with success. And I'm telling you, I would really be happy with that sense of what if I if I could be a little bit more board on a beach, someone that would be exactly exactly pretty good too. So again nice guy community, if if you get a moment, certainly feel free to go over to to Adams website will make sure we put a a link in the show looks like he's got a great blog a whole bunch of do it looks like you have some online training events as well as as face-to-face events to right? We do. So at the training is is we have an internal training academy for. People. But we also try to bring this message to everybody that we can that resonates with and and whether we're teaching for we just hell hosted a course called limitless the two day event for leaders at her flying in there. I also enjoy giving kind of keynotes to organizations, which is fun. So we're booking up for two thousand eighteen for that as well. And yeah, and we have a lot of online webinars that we do from people from me to a lot of our other tomorrow organization who also have a voice that they want to give us opportunity for them to share through their experiences to other people who may be marketing or financials or operations or wealth-building for them to share their tongue as well. Excellent. Excellent. We'll make sure again will put a link in the show notes to to Adams website. He's got a training and events tab on the top of the site Macri check that out too. So you can see if you fit into any of the programs that he has that he's putting together. Adam thank you for sharing your message in your inspiration. And and your story. I, you know, it's it's obvious to me why you're successful. I know sometimes when you're caught in the middle of it. You're thinking. How the hell I get here. But. Some hard work dedication. I don't I don't think there's a bit of fraud that's involved. I mean, I know we all feel like so it to a certain degree. We got this fraud complex that why? How did I get here? Why why am I deserving of the success? But you obviously have put in the time in energy, and you have the discipline to be there. So welcome and congratulations. The atom mosaic. You so much. I appreciate you you interviewing people get the inspiration out there for people. I want to go out there and help change us put it in the world. Excellent. Thanks adamant again. Nice guy community. Never underestimate the power of nice against special. Thanks to Adam Hogue in rapid for being on the show. All information colluding, his links will be in the show notes. Steve O'Brien, go ahead and take us out of here. For the nice guys on business. I'm Steven Brian Philip your week with the nice guys. The nice guys of business or publishing five episodes a week, isn't that against the Geneva Convention?.

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