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Fearless innovators were making. World of better place. Maccabi the device the cloud cyber security company. Well, now, we can turn our attentions IndyCar thrilling race at circuit, the America's the first time IndyCar Gomer, and we've got some airings and joining us to tell us all about it. It was remarkable today. Tom because we saw Colton her to become the youngest ever win over IndyCar race at the age of just eighteen Yang incredible ready halfway through the race. It like it was willpower is rice to loose and Alexander Rossi at times looked a bit quicker. But couldn't find a way past, sir. For long portions of the rice, he looked like he was going to be the theme of the weekend, which was Penske seeing to get to grips of a new track much quicker than everyone else, and it was to lose. But I always the way an indie call it takes one caution in the race turns on his head. He's one of those races, isn't it because we had willpower leading from pole from Rossi and Kelton hurts or whether we had some and his she will talk about the reasons for that. And the minute he took third from Ron hunter right at the start. And so he was a strong concern the rule away through we should we should sites. Only as third IndyCar start is. No. So he's young. He's inexperienced. And he's also in. Saying that isn't especially well fancied you could say well. Yeah. That really I think you can look at the season, we're Stein. Brenna? Harding racing is what looked like a real feel-good story and that they'd given a big chance to two young talents in one race alone. In twenty eighteen they were the the real deal the next big thing and then for various engine deals we'd had Honda talking quite a bit about how they were starting to get pushed to the limit engine supply. We had to see one of those drivers loser seats, and it starts a little bit multiple choice that but then spring training came around. It's awesome. As cold and riled the box hurts it was the one right at they're saying lap times, and you have to usual thing. It's just testing. What does it mean? When you came to practice for the real race weekend her to his right up there again. And even when they had the the engine problem. I one of the practice sessions didn't recent phasing ready to go..

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