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I'm but it was an actual child. Like, oh, like a small picnic table thing. And I really loaded up my plate and sat hard on one of the edges and broke it and food when everywhere and all the kids the little kids were sad. And I still love thanksgiving. I still have Turkey. I think you're messing up the story that was last year and you just crash random. I don't know. Splitting hairs traumatizing for like an eleven year old. It was because I was like a little chubby. And I. Okay. Well, I'm really excited about this. This is going to be great. I was super focused on it. Just sat hard on the edge of the little table, and it just broke into bunch of and the following year. Did they oust you from any table or thought to be safer sat on the floor? Stable fewer mistakes basement. Nice solid ground. I actually I was thinking like what are some of the again because this is never been a big family holiday for me. Also, because I like, you know, once I graduated from high school and moved three thousand miles away. And then it was just kind of like never to return. You know what I mean? And and and so I think for people who have that east coast west coast thing, you kinda choose I'm going to go home for Christmas or are gonna go home. You know, I'm not going to go home for Muslim Christmas or go home for thanksgiving, and I always use Muslim Christmas. And and so so my thanksgiving's have always been like with random friends, and like they've kind of been more like drunk and fun and stupid that way and one time one of my best friends had moved to Iowa and she begged me to come to Iowa. And I so I I was like all right. So we I went to I for thanksgiving, which already felt interesting you flew, flew to Iowa. Yeah. Which is I was like why didn't I just fly to California? But anyway. Your food. And no, but it was fun. And she she lived in Iowa City. It was just a really like fun kind of happening town, whatever let's live music creatively Course, cord. according you, literally see it when you get off the plane. And we were like we just like made it was just the two of us and we made like some weird meal, and then we and we had liked like procured, I guess this must have been on DVD. This is two thousand seven movies. We've got a bunch of movies and one of them was like this movie with David Schwimmer. And we thought like oh coming off of the fabulous ride. That was friends. This is going to be like a fun movie with deep dish. I don't know what it was like a weird horrible like movie with like, death and cannibalism and just all of the terrible things that you don't wanna see pupil. What apt pupil? He's like a schoolteacher in it. And it was like. I was trying to figure out the name of this movie. Am I looked there's a movie called hotel that it may have been that movie? And I'm not sure if that's that was the right movie 'cause I don't see this movement cannibal episode of friends. Not that. Yeah. We were like then traumatized because this movie was so dark, and it was kind of like the road. But like, we just, you know, but it was supposed to be our uplifting. Thanksgiving movie. So anyways. And then and then the next thing, you know, and then a Friday night. I think we went out to a band was city. It's a nice place. It's a nice place. But it's it's so spread out. And there's this one part of Iowa is like walkable and cute. Very cool. All right. But you know, what I haven't gone back. But my point is my point is if there's if there's entertainment viewing that happened because this is something that happens with me with Christmas is like I'm very much in charge of what are we going to watch as a family? The what's the movie to just be die hard every year? I think I learned that from my from my wife, just just watch diorite. My sister, and I tend to spend thanksgiving together because we're both out here away from Colorado. And it tends to be like a steak and whisky thing the past couple of years..

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