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You know, I think they don't want joiner in coverage on the spot. They don't want their linebackers and coverage. That's what the patriots do best though. Like their their best receivers are going be guys on the tier? It's going to be wrong. It's going to be element. It's going to be white. They don't have any answer for adamant I've been thinking about that looking at the match ups, and I'm right? That's that's gonna be a killer. And I think that you want to avoid that if possible. So to me, I think you kind of ball. The receiver. I'd want them going to HOGAN and we're set. I'd want them to run the ball. So they're going to have less success or a better shot of stopping the run than I do have stopping Eshelman. And those guys on the Rams around defense also has been like really good in the post for again, I find it very interesting because. I guess there's so many things with them that have changed from the we talk about like January football, which doesn't really mean anything per se. But it is fascinating. I mean, it's undeniable that the patriots really like level up, and it's. The Rams I think you've seen a few trends over the last six or seven weeks the season, and we talked a little bit about Jared graphs on his struggles the offense and general had a few issues at but their defense has been a lot better. And the run defense has been excellent. Now that said in his last two games, they have been stacking the box a lot. There's been sacrificed to me. It's not like all these guys woke up went. And they were like we're really good now. I mean, maybe Dominic sued did that which has been helpful for them. But it does create certain vulnerabilities. So I expect them to really commit to stopping the run and the patriots. And I think I could see the patriots making adjustments very quickly and punishing them for. I. Going to say, the very obvious thing. Which is they really need to touch Tom Brady stack him just put hands on the man. Okay, which nobody has done. And obviously the reasons for that are most of multiple manifold, right? Manifold many fold is you were talking about Goffin the communication thing with McVeigh. And like how the patriots defense with Brady that you just his greatest as a cover back cover back while his quarterback is ability to immediately diagnosed with and I think sometimes people are dressed may is how that also helps him get the ball out super quickly. Right. And so my question to you is do you think this Rams defense, which is very good at generating interior pressure. Do you think they've got an at least a chance to disrupt him for sure they have a chance I crazy. So they don't have a chance you have. Maybe the best player at any position football on that side of the field. Right. Like good. So. I can't say no chance at all. He's talking about Dante Fowler, folks. Dante Fowler words. Dante Fowler fell. Choices ready to come to town, the bird celebration is all is foul. Chai's strays the thing. I would say I went back and look through history. The patriots number one Jimmy time. Someone has racked up more than two sacks of the game against Tom Brady. Never type and three times in seventeen years. The Broncos did it once one of them was great Jared three facts recently in the couple of years ago. And it was like Joey porter in like, you know, when when we were in college. It would be my third one. But the idea like it doesn't do you? Don't know anyone player. No matter how good they are impact the game so dramatically the patriots. Usually it's going to be a bunch of players. The giants those two Super Bowls, which the Rams have the they have the front for to do that. But..

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