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This is diabetic retina net plastic. And i'm not going to go through each one where you see the green on the right. That's the after treatment on the left is before treatment where you see green that means they have some vision there but where you see the yellow the red and the black that's impaired vision and particularly when you get to the stage of red and black that means basically no vision there so this was a patient treated with peptides for a couple of years and at the end of the couple of years with another scan we have a tremendous increase in their vision potential at this point based on the amount of green. You see here yes. It is truly. Here's retinitis pigmentosa. Look at the amount of black on the left compared to the right after treatment. Here's macular degeneration. If you see on on the left there's a lot of yellow and fairmont black over on the right. I would say there's a decrease of what least sixty seventy percent of that and same thing with glaucoma tremendous increase after post treatment. And they've actually tried this one on pets as well like it. Works for dogs dogs off glaucoma. Yeah absolutely All the peptides can be used for animals. I have several veterinarians who are in the clinical studies who use them for themselves. Of course but i know that they because they've told talk to me about the use them on their animals. Okay let's get to the methylation study. I understand a little bit about menthylatim complex. There are entire medical books written about menthylatim Methylated is sort of. you might call a kimmel. I call it a chemical factory. The chemical factory that makes everything work in the body basically here they talk a little bit about you know the various various i health fat metabolism liver health but it's basically everything is is impacted by methylated and it boils down to. It's a chemical process that goes on from the moment of conception throughout a person's life this is sort of what it looks like. Okay interesting put together a of several methylated yes combinations carbon combinations and so forth. I just thought it was kind of interesting. A cnn a complex. Here's a bit of a definition that will help. And i'm not gonna read the whole thing. It's amazing that menthylatim occurs several billion times. A second in our bodies this chemical processing that goes on down at the bottom. They say Atp energy If the cell can't produce atp then there's not going to be adequate energy in the body much like a car running out of gas so you can think of menthylatim as sort of like.

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