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Well, I'll tell you what you can do because and I don't know if he knows one or not. But if you call my office are you in Houston? I'm a single man. I'm actually driving down the road court right now. Okay, well, I have an office in Corpus Christi as well. If you call? Yeah, if you'll call and talk to Rudi. All right. Hey may know somebody local there that can help you out with this. Okay, I'll do that. I appreciate your help. You bet you take care. Thank you. Bye bye. Right? And you know, we do s We have offices in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, and we pretty much take care of everything in between those three markets. So, yeah, Rudy's been down there were with me for years already, and he's lived in corpus all his life. So He probably knows somebody who does that Because he's been in construction. His whole life is well. 713 to 125874 that's number to call any home improvement question. You have 713 to 125874 and I'll see what I can do. Now this next one Well, lookie there. It's from McKinney as well. Uh, Is a common question. I get this one a lot. As far as leaks. Now, this is the Bay Window west side of house is leaking during rainstorms with very high winds. Leak is at the top of the outcrop. On the interior flush side of the wall about 3 FT. Above the Bay Window is a large arched window. The exterior of the house is brick. I re caulked around the upper window. But Did not solve The problem. I was advised by handyman that during direct high winds of vacuum can be created. That sucks the rain through the brick. And the brick could be sealed. You know, he Is really not a vacuum. I mean, brick and mortars pours in the water will travel through it. And, yes, you can seal the brick and mortar. But if you got any measurable amount of water coming through Chances are real good. That's not words coming from now. It could be. But given that small space that you were just talking about in the brick between the upper window and the top of this bay window, I doubt that's where it's coming from. I'm betting it's gonna be in the flashing Of to the brick of that bay window. And for that you would need a roofing contractor. Take a look at it. So again. You're in McKinney. Give Barrington Rufina call. Let them take a look at it now. Like I said, they could. It can go through brick. I mean, that's reason Brick has we polled just to let the water out when moisture comes through, But Arrington roof and can be reached at 214698. 84 43 because I really just based on the description of the size of the everything. I just don't think that's where it's going to be coming from us through the brick. If you do need to put a brick sealer on it, though. Didn't go toe like HD supply. If that's a commercial industrial type supply house for contractors. They have a great Brick and mortar sealer, masonry sealer, and you put it in a pump up sprayer sprayed on the brick. It doesn't stain that it doesn't leave any color, anything. It just soaps in and seals it. Where you just don't have all that moisture penetration any longer. All right. Take a real quick break here. We'll be back with more. Texas home Prove mint Judy Europe Next when we come back with more Texas home improvement 713212. 5874 You know, for your next air conditioning system, Choose a brand that's built to last in Texas, and that's American standard. Now American standard Systems. They're always high quality and high performance. I've had these systems. In my home since 1998 and I really do recommend these systems. They have one. It's definitely going to meet the needs of your home during the cool days of winter, which we're kind of in right now. We haven't gotten cold yet. And the hottest Texas summer's not to find an independent American standard dealer near you Just go to American Standard Air. Dot com. Search your zip code.

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