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I'm breaking beady podcast when the best. Keller became a bestseller for MAC like many others. It was a combination of star power meeting print power magazines. Remember those none of this was paid for by the way, I didn't believe in advertising. And that was something that we were very strict about from the beginning. I didn't believe telling people they needed your product was the way to go. I believed in creating a need for the product was a pivotal moment. And that was probably the time that I opened a magazine and there we were with think it was a four page spread and people magazine which was a big big magazine time. It was probably one of the largest regulations, and there was Madonna and lady Di and I only Campbell and Linda Evangelista all talking about MAC the next day, I guess, after reading that article, we had calls from every major department store retailer in North America and Europe wanting to carry our product, they were all talking about MAC and one. Awful. You know, it was discovered this product that worked for them. And to discover this company that stood for so much more than just make up. We had many initiatives at that time, we had back to MAC, we had cruelty for your beauty, and we had glam, we had many initiatives that people embraced. So people didn't come to us just to buy lipstick they came to us, even if they wouldn't weren't wearing lipstick they'd come to support the vivo blind program. Many women would come in just to buy it for their friends, even if they weren't wearing makeup. So there were so many reasons people liked associating themselves with us because they felt that they were helping. Others as well. Let's talk about one of the most iconic MAC lipsticks of all time Russian read the first shaded I ever created was called one hundred percent red. And then one day I got a call from Madonna's make apart is Debbie meser. And she said, I'm working on Madonna's tour, and she said, we need to create some products. And she said, I'd like have really strong lipstick like this lipstick that was one hundred percent read, but I wanted to be really, really mad, so I created flips of call Russian Red, and I think she wore it on her album cover, and it became sort of like the signature color on her blond ambition tour, and it was really if you remember Madonna back in the eighties, it was all about her red lips. And she certainly put us on the map with that color..

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