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The alex josiah david night widow assured joined now by leave granahan is going to break down a story that he's been covering for much could is just now getting traction let me tell you how today we had reuters saying without evidence flight ukraine ties to x rival clinton on without evidence really there's no evidence well there is a lot of evidence the mainstream media does oughta dog about a reuters those ordered to argue about it least granahan has been covering this story for months and let's go back a couple of weeks back to july thirteen we had the atlantic doing a story the what about ukraine defense serve trump juniors russia meeting and they said before welcoming donald trump jr onto a show on tuesday sean hannity boiled down his defence to the president's son to one word ukraine so after sean hannity got onto it it started to get traction we got donald trump talking about a game on the show he's talked about it now they're pushing back there is no evidence but going back to january we had politico breakdown of very long expose of this saying the ukrainian efforts to sabotage crock backfire they say kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president elect after quietly working to boost clinton this is the open secret that nobody wants to talk about but reuters does not want to talk about but i wanted to get the guy on today that's been talking about it for quite some time we strengthen hanley's bennett contributing editor reporter for two of the top new sites in the world the liberal huffington post and conservative breitbart news he now runs simpson journalism school dot com and thank you for joining us uh at least ran had and dan david i got a point out let's give you credit to you and i have talked about this ukraine story this week before sean hannity brought up in by the.

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