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Hey everybody it's your girl. Michelle williams and i'm so delighted that you are checking in today on a new episode and today i wanna take a new approach to checking in. I always remind people to check in with themselves with god and with others and on this episode. So i'm checking in with you for a moment of reflection on my own life now. This past friday. I just celebrated a birthday. Yes yes yes. You girl turned forty two years old. I'm too so thankful and grateful. You guys just seem to overwhelm me in a good way with so much. Love all the tweets in dmz instagram messages facebook post. I really really appreciate it. If i didn't get around to re posting everything or replying to everything just know that. I definitely saw as much as i could stand intake so i'm really grateful i was in orlando florida for my birthday. This weekend was the i believe. Experience you guys. If y'all wanna know what's been a part of my emotional strain in hilly in building in things just just going good. listen follow. I am believe nation on instagram. And it's helmed by my good friend. David immonen ta. You can follow him as well. David emanates filled. I am all in i t. And he's the founder of believe nation on. He was on a podcast a couple months ago. I'm speaking about the power of believing in. it's not some magic potion. It's not somewhere you rub the genie in a bottle in you know. It's none of that but just amazing principles for success amazing principles of really tapping in to what is on the inside view the power that is on the inside of you. I wonder if some of us are kind of scared to really tap in to the power inside of us that can propel us into great change. that can pro. Pell you integrate. Success that if you can get out of your way and really tap into the power up belief you could be the person that changes everything that changes the game for your entire family for the rest of your life for the trajectory of your life. Like for your children for your children's children and listen. It's so so crucial. Soul we gathered in orlando florida about three thousand people and it was absolutely amazing. First of all to be in a room with that many people you know. When this time last year we could not. What a difference a year makes it was absolute phenomenal. All of us Join together in allstate together will not all three thousand people a lot of friends in over my birthday. That was friday. They gave me a cake. And then saturday. Another cake in the fabulous. David michael wyatt. I'm gonna post yama post. Some of it Sometimes i forget to post a lotta light my life stuff personal stuff you know so. That's what i did for my birthday. I'm so full of gratitude That i made it another year round. The sun and i know people were like michelle. Are you anxious about getting older. And i have to say I am not. I feel like i'm ima- stri- i feel like my swag is like it's it's like i'm cemented in the woman that i love right now if we really think about it and if we stay open invulnerable and committed to growing this time next year. I don't plan on being the same as i was at the age of forty two. Now i plan on having the same joy strength. I plan on having that but there are still levels to this life that i want to attain an. I know that. I will in the great thing about you. Know eappen very honest about what. I've gone through a misfire as my dark days in dealing with depression in for the past two and half three years. I've been taught how to respond to life because you can overcome depression. You can overcome so many challenges but honey life is going to happen. Unexpected death in the family can occur. Or you lose your job or you know. Somebody betrays you. Your boyfriend walks out on. Your girlfriend betrays you your mom your dad. Somebody says something truly hurtful in it. Rock she to your core. That's life happening right. So i'm learning. How do i want to respond when life happens. In december of twenty twenty is many of you know my father passed. And i had to tap into that inner strength at the tap into. How do i want to choose to respond to my father's passing. Did i shed tears absolutely anytime. You have a loss of any kind. You can shed tears alright. But i was like. I don't know if i want to be depressed. I refuse to be down in the dumps right. That was me. That's my choice right first of all. My dad's suffered. He suffered for about the last year of his life which is saw a change in the decline in his own of fifteen years. he couldn't really walk talk Which were the side effects of a stroke that he had so. I really feel like my dad is in heaven. He's walking. These talking is not in any pain. He left in such a peaceful manner. When i thought of those things. That's how i choose us said you know what i'm going to respond with gratitude. I'm going to respond with love. I just start to think of the music that he loves. He loves p funk man. he loves the p. faulk. And i'll never forget not too long ago i went to lunch in a song by p long came over the speaker system in the restaurant. House like dad is here. So that's i choose to respond to that circumstance as it relates to a life circumstance. Things are gonna happen. How do i choose to respond to a text that normally would around me up now. I can just look at a texas say. Oh man that's unfortunate. And either i can choose to respond or not right. But i've definitely made sure y'all this past year i've definitely i continue to eliminate things that disturb my piece sex kind of one encourage you to do the same. What do you mean. You've eliminated things or people that disturb you piece is called boundaries right. It's called a boundary will. What is a boundary a boundary simply is like a line or parameter set. It's a line that marks the limits of an area so the line that marks the limits of area. okay michelle. What area do you have a boundary in. Well who comes in my house even who sits in my car who comes in my personal space. My cellphone who choose to talk to watch..

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