Congress, Majority Leader, Assault discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - Gunman Opens Fire On Congress, Targets GOP Leaders, Republican Rep. Steve Scalise In Critical Condition


And next more breaking news gunmen attacking members of congress we have the very latest on those who were injured in the horrific attack i'm just route you host of a new gimlett show called the patch this her first company yes we're real entrepreneurs pitch real investors poorly my goal is to build a door in our company clear what makes good business not just a emission now let's makes good mission what makes good business all for real money 500 game for five hundred nor 250 you're in for tea fifty you subscribe to the pitch wherever you get podcasts and back to our breaking news tonight a gunman going on a shooting rampage during an attack on congress house majority leader steve scalise remains in critical condition we're are learning more about others injured in not gunman's assault at a baseball field early this morning matt mike it is a lobbyist who was practicing with the team he was shot in the chest and is in critical condition his family says he's thoughtful and funloving and loyal and one of our guest tonight was talking about what an incredible man he is zack barth is on congressman roger williams staff he was shot in the leg he and goodness has been released from the hospital crystal greiner is one of the row at capitol police officers who prevented further tragedy she was shot in the ankle but is doing well tonight and david bailey was her colleague who also rushed into the fire treated for a minor injury congressman williams says they are quote what's right with america and showed courage in the face of death.

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