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So out do you tell you what happened? Yes. Yes. So allie dumps him it's earns wet. So every what's funny is that every movie starts with that fight scene between him and Johnny Johnny isn't even really in at all two or three, but it always starts with that. I feel like they do a recap every movie. which I just laughed at and then Allie. Breaks up with them for some football player. She's not even in the movie. He is a conversation. He has with Mr Mogi he gets. Oh. Okay. Wow. This is really all about Daniel and Mr Miyagi at this point, right? Okay. So not really terribly relevant. Then we have karate kid three in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, ostracized villain John crease attempts to gain revenge on Daniel and Biaggi with the help of a Vietnam War comrade the wealthy owner of a toxic waste disposal business that sounds so movie that sounds so eighties toxic waste. So. For this one, it's very crease focused. There's a new there's two new villains actually. So there's this guy and this is where I did do my research for you guys 'cause I forgot his name Terry Silver. So Terry Silver, I think within the war war is that where John? Military. Know more. Okay. Thank you with this Guy Terry silver and they're now they're out to get Daniel 'cause daniels like the worst right so they're out to get Daniel and there's this new guy who shout out to all the general hospital watchers that are might be listening the AJ quartermaine. That's all I'm. The new Johnny, but he's awful lake johnny is like strawberry shortcake compared to this guy like? Off Fall. And then they had there's you know the end fight and all that and of course guess he wins so but we were has it that this Terry Silver Guy is Tori's father So. Why Watch the either two movies I needed like they're gonNA play a role in season three and four interest. Okay good. I'm glad we have this discussion. And then I have to bring up the karate kid remake in two thousand ten. I never saw this anyone see this I think that's the only one that my son did see I don't even think he watched the original credit can before we watch Cobra Kai, he's like I'm like I think you actually watch the reboot a remake or whatever it's called. I think we watch that. But yeah, watch that with. Jaden. On right I thought it was good good. It was all right. The Synopsis Of that Work Causes a single mother to move to China with her young son in his new home the boy embraces kung-fu. taught to him by master. And I read an Article It was an interview with Billy Zappa where he when that came out, they asked him how he felt about that movie and he said I you know I thought it was fine. They were pretty much paying homage to the original just made me feel really old that I was old enough for there to be a remake of a movie that I was in and I should note that Will Smith and Jada, Pinkett Smith have a production company and they are the ones responsible for Cobra Kai. Oh Dang good fact. Yeah. Yeah. It's really interesting. The shows that they're they're producing so. And now it's time for our commercial. If you're enjoying this podcast, please.

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