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You very much for that. Well it's time for closing arguments and this illuminating discussion. If any of those cases josh mentioned materialize we will podcast on those but let us Close by returning to the indiana case Wendy till we the people listeners whether you believe that the lower courts were correct to hold it. Indiana's requirement that all students faculty and staff have a covert vaccine and are fully vaccinated of violates the constitution or not. I think it does not i. I'm not convinced that the the decision was terribly. Well reasoned but i think the result was correct and i think that the seventh circuit should uphold it Perhaps with better writing. Thank you for that and josh Same question to you. Is you have the last word in this in this conversation. food should courts uphold. The indiana university vaccine mandate are not an wine. I think the indianapolis passes muster. It has religious exemptions disability exemptions. And i think given those exemptions it's hard to challenge your modern doctrine. Thank you so much. Mariner just blackman for a civil eliminating and collegial discussion about the oddly contested question of vaccine mandates and the constitution. Wendy josh thank you so much for joining. Thanks you thank you today. Show was produced by jackie. Mcdermott engineered by greg. Ler research was provided by emmylou libya. Gross lana warrick please. Rate review and subscribe. Do we the people on apple podcasts. And recommend the show to friends colleagues or anyone anywhere who is eager for a weekly dose of constitutional education and debate. Now remember dear we. The people francis that the national constitution center is a private nonprofit. We rely on the passion the generosity and the to lifelong learning from people from across the country who are inspired by.

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