Jordan Howard, Bears, Torri Cohen discussed on Chicago's NFL GameDay


To go back a couple of weeks to grab a Jordan Howard touchdown run. And a lot of fantasy owners want to know what do they do here? Because Torri Cohen obviously saw the majority of the touch is out of the backfield for the bears, but will points outs. That's a large portion of those came through the passing game. And that's exactly what you should expect going forward from Matt Nagy in is usage of tweet. Cohen don't think that three Cohen has all of a sudden usurped Jordan Howard and the bears backfield. And no there was some discussion about the idea that the bears could actually entertain trade talks for Jordan Howard. And I'm here to tell you that's nonsense. The bears are three and one. Trending upward fully invested this year as they've traded to fruit future. First round picks. Four Khalil Mack. They are not trading. Jordan Howard anytime soon. I promise you that. If anything that's something a notion they could entertain in the off season. I would be absolutely stunned. If the bears traded, Jordan Howard and also as the weather gets colder here, by the way. It's you know, we're in the mid forties here on Sunday October fourteenth in Chicago. Obviously they're playing in Miami. But guess what it's not getting any warmer in Chicago as we as the winter approaches Jordan Howard will get his fair share of the workload in the bears backfield. And if you have a fantasy owner in your league who's a bit anxious because Jordan Howard is saw a little bit of a reduced role against the bucks a couple of weeks ago. And maybe they're willing to sell Jordan Howard at a discount. Go all in go ahead and make that deal because Jordan Howard, isn't luck. He's not an elite fantasy football running back. But for your purposes, he would slot in nicely as your second running back. So if you have an anxious Jordan Howard owner in your league, go ahead and trade for him. Because I guarantee you the what we saw against the bucks is not going to be a consistent feature in the bears offense, Jordan Howard. We'll see his workload. Colts.

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