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Washing machine only one company I know cells hoses with their washing machines today only one they used to awesome but I'm tools is within your washing machine when you bought it speed queen is the only company that includes the hoses with their washing machines because the hoses are top grade material I'm Joe Ganon your appliance doctor here on the home an appliance show right here on newstalk seven sixty W. J. R. Joe one of my favorite questions was posted by Consumer Reports magazine years ago and here's my question for you and a lifetime guarantee that you just referred to whose lifetime are referring to are we forget Bruce's lifetime the machine's lifetime or the company's lifetime I think you're when you were saying a lifetime warranty that doesn't mean you know the next hundred years but you can take the pretty well grown up mature years of an adult and say Hey this is good for twenty twenty five years like speed queen washing machines they they put on their literature should be washing clothes for twenty five years plus if you got a question for Joe here's the number to call or text eight hundred eight five nine zero W. J. R. that's eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven you can call or you can text if you text just give us your name your city and your question I am Diane the hammer Shuster and we're just moments away from the next segment of the home in a plan to go with consumer advocate an appliance doctor Joe Ganon news talk seven sixty W. J. R..

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