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Get started Bank of Clarke county is an equal housing lender. Member FDIC. Well, it was great out loud weekend group of this dog will always go there show every year had our pictures taken with Scott lace that was really fun except for it was just his picture of Scotland. However, he's whether it's now Scott good morning. Good morning from Alabama. Oh, my. She show last week. Was it's always great to reconnect with people that I haven't seen in a long time and people that haven't seen since the year before I hope I can keep working at show little while long. Tell you one thing I feel the same way. When I go to that show as a spectator. I see a lot of people I talked to during a year. But I never see, you know. So it's good to see everybody. There were an awful lot of KFI listeners there that came by to say, well, that's good. That's good. I I'm one of them. But you weren't there. I was preparing for my bunny hunt this week. Have you been swamped bunny, Honey? No, well, I'll tell you. We went we had a pack of about a dozen bagels and were hunting, and it's been really wet in Alabama. And so we're hunting the swamps. They had these swampers about half again as big the cotton tail. And you you're never gonna get him with outdoors because it's in water at briar patches. Got the little smallish size bagels that just get on them. And they run them out you, and we got eight or ten in short order. You. I know they're senior just season over this weekend in California tomorrow over tomorrow. But right. You know, it's just one of those things you don't know a lot of rabbit, hunters, right? Not anymore. Used to be a big deal. Well, that's because there was places to go rabbit hunting. And the farming practices have changed and there's not these little corners of cover where you can go hunt. And they're just almost non-existent. Well, and they and they do like a berry bushes, and you're not going to get him out of there. Unless you got the right kind of dog to go in there and run them out. Most who rare Brera rabbit in Nebraska patch. Remember, right. For those of us who are clustered by the lack of of quail and pheasant shoot a lot of, you know, go shoot a bunny and they're delicious. They're great evening swampers eight just like cotton tails, good if you've never cooked rabbit. You know, you wanna make sure there's the standard of care with. Ramia? You wanna make sure you gloves and sanitize your cutting boards and your knives and all that kind of stuff, and it's best to do it after a philosopher to the season in California. I check opens like early July. You can shoot jackrabbits all year long you cooked a Jack rabbit when once. Once when I was much younger. Yeah. And I have to and I mean edible. They're just a little string you. But you're right. Exactly. Yeah. But the, but fails. You know, the young ones you can you can cut them up. And so I am the older ones. You wanna kinda Brown, and then Braise them, I ever recipe sporting, chef website was braised in red wine and pears. And and I guess the point is. Out there. It's a better than checking great. And. You know, I I can't say enough about how much fun. We had. Do you have a recipe for this on your website? I do go to braised with pairs. Okay. And it's basically you're Brown it, and then you just simmer at in in red wine a little balsamic vinegar until it gets almost fall off the bone tender west get a little and then you put the put the pair again. So that the almost right because you still want him to be firm like a like a poached pear in. It goes really, well it really tears while dot ball summit. And the rabbit is a great Tombo combination. Now, can we substitute domestic bought rabbit for this recipe? Oh, yeah. Because you know, what I've cooked that before and I have occasionally when I hear of a place that does rabbit will in a restaurant. I have it. And I'll tell you when it's done, right. It's good. It's good. It really is. The grocery store. It's normally going to be in kind of a specialty section, and it's pretty much always going to be frozen. But it's still really good. Yeah. Good Scott when how long would it be in Alabama? Home tomorrow. I'll talk to you next week. Thanks, scott. Bye. Scotland south sporting chef dot com. Okay. I talked to you know, the guys at the fly shop kinda slim Pickens right now, only because of it's the middle of the end of January, but I talked to Shannon, hang out the fly shop in reading about what's going on in the neighborhood, Shannon. This. This is kind of a day that we don't care if deficiencies that good or not so nice. What what do you think the temperature's going to reach up and read it is gonna be seventy degrees this afternoon. Good. You think it was mayors, absolutely? What what about the the lower Sacramento by reading the red blood from reading down into Anderson area is definitely fissionable got decent visibility muddied up a little bit. Everybody up a little bit. We got a little bit of that runoff from the fire scar. So that could always be the case in the near future. When we get a rainstorm might be dirty for a few days, but we're looking good going into the weekend. And all reports for the past couple of days with these bright sunny days, there's been a really nice little cat attach dark gadgets coming off in the afternoon. So are are you fishing with them with dries or sub service on a dry late in the afternoon? Yes. In January in January. I love what size fish are. They getting the Fisher running anywhere. They're lower Sacramento. Native fish, you know, fourteen to twenty inch fish. Oh boy. Well, that's great when healthy that that's a unique opportunity to get them on a dry fly. And if they're not if you're not seeing the fish feeding on the service, you can get them on an emerging pattern like a bird's nest, poobah, sure, sure. What are you hear over on the trinity? I that couple of weeks ago beautiful shape. If this guy had this weekend and wanted to go try for steelhead the waters in prime shape. And there's definitely some fish around. You know before this latest couple of storms hit some fish had moved up. In other words, you know, when you're not catching any fish at del. Loma those fish of moved up -absolutely. And so then I started checking and sure enough in those those couple of drifts below Junction City, they were catching good fish. Then the storm's cut him muddied things up. Now, I don't know of more fish came up from the gorge or if they all moved up into the the old steel bridge. Looser fish, definitely in the lewiston area and on down, and we should be seen a good pushes some bigger winter right now. Yeah. I mean, we get fresh run fish. Maybe not a big in numbers. But we get them clear to the month of February. You. So so are most of the guys fly fishing over there are they indicator fishing? Most of the guys are okay. I I do know a couple of guys swung over there. You're in the past couple of days, and there was some fish caught. That's for some reason. The trinity river fishermen just don't swing flies a lot many do. No. If you guys that caught fish yesterday the day before. Yeah. What about you hear anything about the upper sack? She'll blown out. I have not heard about the upper second Magid down in the lower end dealt dog creek area is pretty big and muddy. But if a guy wanted to go try round in mirror and fish some pocket. Water can catch a fish? I think so too, especially if you get a couple of days like this. Yeah. Coming off up there too. How about over to the east kind of a mainstay over there? Shannon is bomb leg. You know, the guys that are Fisher bomb Laker doing quite well. Meteors and streamers damsels are working, really. Well, you can't you can't ever go wrong. If you're going to fish with a fly rod on bomb, Lakers, triple woolly bugger. And a guy got convicted fisherman can just go spinners all day long and catch fish, Shannon ING, but the.

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