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The Gary de la Taylor Love Tape Oh my God the the video recording. He made to get a girlfriend back so funny. I lost my lover. And I lost my best friend. and. You Lost Your lover and they lost her best friend. Pretty, even but you gain. This is the Matt. It's an equation. The calculation from hell wait a second now. Here's what she gained. You've gained. A lover and you gain a best friend again a couple of lovers or gain one lover. But I gain no friends. I have no. There's nobody there to come home to the call to tell. All the great stuff and like right now. I feel my professional life is at nine. My personal life is at like two. Did any of you watch the show from Howard Stern. If you did of course, go back and take it to the fanny. Pack I am always down to talk. Howard stern I want to hear about your favorite episodes, your favorite guests and so on. Finishing up this week in two thousand thirteen. Real housewives of Atlanta Star Niimi leaks married her ex husband Greg leaks at the intercontinental buckhead hotel in Atlanta so this is actually the marriage their second marriage when they had the spin off, show called I dream of Ni, Ni the wedding and that show that Bravo extra featured the actual 's of Greg Anini for their second time at the alter and. And it also served as a bridge between seasons, five and six of real housewives of Atlanta Nina had nine bridesmaids for her second round of nuptials, and they included Queen Cynthia Cheekbones Bailey from real housewives of Atlanta and recurring cast member Marlo Hampton. Can I say give that woman a peach already? Marlow deserves a peach like twenty years ago. Make it happen. That does it for this week's nostalgic throwbacks in entertainment history. For this week's birthdays, happy birthday to the singer and songwriter and producer of the band. The Beach Boys Brian. Wilson. He turned seventy eight. Using icon Lionel Richie turns seventy one as does well. Movie icon Meryl Streep Congratulations to Lionel in Merrill. You guys are just killing the game still on top of their game. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, three Chino Marino. The lead singer of the deaf tones was born, as was one of my idols Juliette Lewis. They both turned forty seven this week, so happy birthday to them in nineteen, seventy eight Jay Rodriguez was born of course from the original og version of queer eye, and in case you didn't know. He actually played angel on Broadway in rent. He turns forty two. Oh my gosh, the queen of Atlanta Porsche Williams Social Justice Warrior Porsche Williams turns thirty nine years old this week. So Happy Birthday Queen Porsche. And, well, we know that these birthdays are joint Arianna Maddix from. Vander, pump rules and Stasi Schroeder formally of vendor pump rules show birthday. ARIANNA turns thirty five this year, and Stacey turns thirty to one of my favorite drag Queens was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six. Bob The drag queen. He is a comedian E as a hilarious. Comedy Special I think it's on Amazon prime. It's awesome He won Paul's drag race season eight. He turns thirty four and drag Queen. Keep on making a smile. You are amazing. They are tuning into on the saner taint, the podcast for all your TV and pop culture in Estonia and news from today and yesterday. If you WANNA stay in the know. Subscribe to on this.

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