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And I think we would just kind of chop it up a little bit. I have some laughs tell some stories. Imagine sitting there with Bella check. You know, there's always that awkward silence. That that's what it would be. It'd be a lot of awkward silence. Yes. Mclovin. Are they exactly the same? Is there KFI tie? I don't see what's different about them. I don't they sound alike. Coach save and be done. You're like this. And then go Chabala check like this. Yeah. I don't they. They don't there's no variation. You know, the inflection in their voice pretty much flatlined there, and they're all football. They're all business. I just can't imagine those guys going to concerts together. And they were on the same staff in Cleveland would win. How do you not win with that staff? Oh, who do they have their who who were the talented players in the Cleveland Browns back then I think coz are was the quarterback Bernie had a pretty good run. But didn't Bella check cut him? Yes. And the hated yeah. Yeah. Yes. He kind of sounds like too many generals there. You know, like it's to put together a winning team win. Like when everybody is the man Nick Sabin probably thought he would Bill Belichick was the man. Yeah. I don't know how Sabin if he knew his place with Bela check and was like deferred to him. Or did you have something like you have in Cleveland where Hugh Jackson Todd Haley, Hugh Jackson's not doing himself any favors here. Because it feels like he's not taking any blame for anything in in Cleveland with what happened, and you know, hey, if they'd let me draft. I would've drafted Carson Wentz. You know, if they've let me call the place here is Hugh Jackson. He was asked about Todd Haley being fired as well as you can speak for the situation with Todd. I was I I was shocked at house, let go, you know. And and obviously, you know, hearing later on that they also let him go again they may decisions that they thought was best for them. Again, rather our shopping not didn't didn't matter. I just I just think as I keep sending him the respect what they decisions they made it before that's courtesy of Cleveland dot com. Hugh Jackson also said that he didn't know there was any trouble going on in the organization, I didn't perceive it as internal discord. I think you can disagree with people and not have it be discord this to me as strong word. That means there's always infighting. That's pretty hop. Word. I didn't see that. I knew there was disagreements and rightfully so who doesn't disagree. But I think the term untold internal discord a little. Yeah. You had to see something here with that record. You have to know that there's Volkers they're circling Todd. Haley comes in. You didn't hire Todd Haley. He was brought in by the general manager Todd. Haley would still like to be a head coach again. You know, you had a differing opinion on what kind of offense for Baker Mayfield to run. Not good. But we saw this in in preseason. And it didn't take long to read between the lines that this isn't gonna work out because Todd Haley's personality while he's been successful than offense coordinator, you know. There's baggage that goes along with that personality. Yeah. For two it was blatantly on public display for everyone to see and hard knocks the way they weren't getting along in the little whispering. And it seemed like a coup is taking place. You know, we've mentioned that when when hard remarks was airing between Greg Williams and Todd Haley looked like the secretly one of them wanted to become the next head coach and get you out of there. Yeah. Because you'd that probably wouldn't have been the guy that he would have brought in as his offense coordinator now. But in Hugh Jackson says well, I didn't call the place. You're the head coach. Why didn't you call the plays? You're supposed to be a quarterback whisper. But Hugh Jackson's not getting another head coaching job. You'll maybe he goes back to offensive coordinator quarterbacks coach. But, you know, this it may, you know, unless he thinks that maybe he's got TV future. No, he's doing the mothership car wash today. But after you answer these questions, I don't know if anybody else is going to want to hear from you..

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