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Newsradio time one thirty barreling through a friday edition of the show so lately and i was just talking to susan witkin about this i have you guys think i'm just an idiot on the radio but i actually spent a lotta time thinking do my best thinking in the car i don't really listen to the radio much in the car shouldn't say that because a lot of you guys but i'm just saying i do a lot of my thinking and i've been trying to be very aware when i read news and read articles of my own personal bias brain i am trying to be more intentional about objectivity and there's a quote that i heard as a matter of fact i heard it from robinson when i when i interviewed him on this show he's chessmaster of the guy who started the princeton review or the princeton review for testing and he said it in our interview and of course it rolled off his tongue because he's fancy but it's a quote by oliver cromwell that i have since gone back and looked and found the source it's a letter to the church of scotland and this quote has been running through my head inappropriate moments and the quotas very simple it says i beseech you in the bowels of christ think it possible you may be mistaken now let's fancy language for saying hey just consider for a second that what you know is wrong just consider it consider for one minute that what you think you know is incorrect that's kind of a game changing way to look at things because if you have to say to yourself you know what here's what i believe and it doesn't matter what you're talking about you could be talking about whether or not pineapple is supposed to be on pizza more on that later but consider for a second for a moment that you could be completely wrong and consider the other side and i've been using that quote to sort of help me focus and be aware of trying to be objective and reading things with a very dispassionate objective i which is more challenging than it sounds people it truly is but i am so over the nakedly angry partisanship we have in this country and.

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