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To say that big d is pissed but not kissed enough to get out from the day bed. well no. that's not true. Missed enough to at one point make it to the nomination shares for a brief period of time in which he will also then be upset and then go back to the day to be upset later. That's where i saw him frenchy says. Don't worry america's come through for me. They're so pissed. Ri- now feeds are the feeds are right now. Like people are so upset. America's gonna give a diamond power vita like stats. Thanks yes didn't i. Don't none of the slaughterhouse can be trusted at this point. None of them have your back. Oh my god. And it's always the jocks. It's all along the we were outnumbered. Okay big brother. Put so many jocks in this house. How are we even supposed to compete. The always prejudge be. I took one out. That's my legacy in this game. Is that i took out a jock and i just hate it when when women and minorities are going out i and so. That's what that's what. I came in this house for and you know. Hey look if you think about it think about it is frenchie really a mastermind. He took out jock meathead No one did it in a in a way that was so messy that he became the target for we to think about this. Reggie white male arro-.

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