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Know, you can do better. And you advocate for yourself. Deandra pen says that means notifying landlords in this case nights that under new city law. They need to address asthma triggers like mold and pass city council. Member Ritchie Torres says he's a living example of how getting out of poverty. Alleviates asthma asthma is effectively non existent, whereas I had severe asthma attacks, my twin brother and myself had severe asthma attacks growing up in public housing in the Bronx says for every ten thousand kids in downtown Manhattan Twenty-three end up in the emergency room with asthma compared with more than four hundred here. Sonia Rincon ten ten wins in the Belmont section of the Bronx wins news time five twenty six. Bloomberg money watch on ten ten wins. And here is Larry kofsky disappointing. February jobs report lead on stocks. The government reported just twenty thousand jobs added the Dow Jones industrial average dropped twenty two the S and P five hundred slumped nine then as that composite lost thirteen new home construction rebounded. During January housing starts jumped eighteen point six percent. Media analysts forecasts building permits an indicator of future construction also rose the FDA is ending a three year ban on genetically engineered salmon called Franken. Fish by critics. The move allows Akwa bounty to accept genetically engineered salmon exits Indiana facility can be raised these food Akwa bounty, more than double the Yankees reportedly have agreed to buy back the yes network, partnering with Amazon in the nearly three and a half billion dollar deal. That's nearly five hundred million less than when twenty-first-century FOX acquired a majority stake in the network in two thousand fourteen Bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour. I'm Larry kofsky for ten ten twenty. Sponsored by Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center wins news time, five twenty seven. No an ad from save money on car insurance. By bundling home and auto with progressive and cut. That was good. So are there any other things you need me to talk about or I could do.

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