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Good thing for the UK British Foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt confirm the two vessels have been seized by Iranian authorities officials are warning people along the east coast to be prepared for hot weather the next few days looks like it will be three hot the the special on the east coast for a high temperatures will be near a hundred degrees of the major metropolitan areas from Washington of The Boston New York mayor bill de Blasio says residents must take steps to protect themselves from the extreme heat forecast for this weekend take this weather seriously we have not seen temperatures like this and at least seven years we haven't seen this many concentrated hot days in a long long time I take this very seriously DiMaggio directed owners of office buildings over a hundred feet tall the set thermostats to seventy eight degrees through Sunday on Wall Street the Dow down by sixty eight points the nasdaq dropped sixty the S. and P. lower by eighteen more on these stories at town hall dot com thinking about life insurance what if you could make one free phone call and learn your best price from nearly a dozen highly rated price competitive companies well that's exactly what happens when you call select quote life for example George is forty he was getting sky high quotes from other companies because he takes minutes to control his blood pressure but when I shopped around I found him a ten year five hundred thousand dollar policy for under twenty five dollars a month I'm select quote agent dance aveeno and believe me if select quote is in shopping for your life insurance you're probably paying too much for your free quote call eight hundred six zero seven thirty five fifty one that's eight hundred six zero seven thirty five fifty one eight hundred six zero seven thirty five fifty one for going to select quote dot com since nineteen eighty five we shop you save get full details on the example policy it's local dot com slash commercials are price could very depending on your health insurance company the fact now news traffic and weather on the patriot good afternoon miss Porter sponsored by the T. J. Martell foundation music's promise for kera to learn more visit TJ Martel dot org that's T. J. Martell.

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