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He said, it's politics, and and it is politics. And I think that's what frustrates the tennis fan and the likes of of Yannick Noah for whom the Davis Cup has nothing at all to do with politics. None of tennis has anything to do with politics. It's just about four hundred backhands and passion and emotion and enjoy and yet, you know, you actually behind the scenes that the decisions the that. We're unable to be involved in actually a lot of the time necessarily come down to a whole lot of boring politics. And that's where a sort of disconnect comes in. That's why you know, you have Yannick Noah talking about his sort of distaste for the the money in vote because for him those things are so alien to everything that he knows the Davis Cup to be. And I get that. I get it. But, you know, politics, pretty ghostly, but they're also, unfortunately, a necessary evil, only, you could also say that Catherine. And his team the not exactly struggling for few quit other. So he can kinda Ford to tighten that view. You could argue, but but I get the point. I I mean when I got an out I was right behind it to be honest and probably overly hastily. So because a lot of the response we got really took me aback from analysts knows about how many people which is devastated at what they would lose, and they will lose. Yes there thankfully that. There is at least kind of some home in a way earlier early in the year. But there's no question for particular all the British fans that we we have listening to us the there's a lot of upset there because that's their chance to watch tennis locally. And they just love it a love the Davis Cup. I do get all of all of that. Now, I still feel that on balance. This is this is the way to go. I just hope they get it right in the end. So it's going to be. Fascinating evolves. That wasn't the end of the press. I we'll say because there was quite amount of Yana talking in French, which you in Catherine understand, which I I so what went on. Yeah. Well, that was good question where he was asked. Basically, you know, the roller captain is kind of to get the to get the most at if you apply. Do you think you did that this weekend that he he wasn't well, Catherine? What would you say it wasn't? It wasn't very happy that question. He did it in his sort of soothing seething Yannick Noah tones, but he was pussy confrontational with the journalists that question combative, and he sort of straight back saying well have you been watching the matches? The my players have been playing in the past three months, and there was a bit of back and forth and. Journalist kinda set while. No, I've not seen them all. But yes, I've been watching and Janet now set what I've seen them all and I've analyzed the mole. And I honestly think that this weekend my players performed better than they have been for the past three months and kind of to their maximum by stone, therefore moments Geel, Simone's six one record against Merrill, Lynch, the which he tweeted without comment relentless this morning. Yes. Yeah. Well, that has been the biggest of elephant in the room, hasn't it? The fact that you know, this is now the second time that unit now is French team of loss to Croatia. His only is only two defeats in this. Third caps. Say paired form has both been against Croatia twenty sixteen and now the final, and you know, France have had the Maron Chile disruptor in Iran seven she'll Sema six one head to head record. And. Yet. He's not played. And now it went into a bit of detail about about why that is and basically as far as I understood it. Does seem all would would want to kind of work different later Yannick Noah Yannick, Noah kind of chooses his team kind of a last minute was she'll seem on would want to know quite a lot and advance..

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