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But this is a matchup that I feel I just want to see this happen a lot as time goes on and I think for years to come I'm hoping We're going to have really good matchups between Justin Herbert and the Chargers and Drew lock and the Denver Broncos. All right, guys, I'm gonna take a short break when I return we're going to talk about some will do some NFL news and we'll talk about the Vikings beating the Packers and the Saints will the Saints. Oh my gosh. No, the Seattle Seahawks beating the 49ers. The Forty Niners are in bad shape tonight the Packers play the 49ers and I I didn't covid-19 have a big impact on the game. But you got to realize the San Francisco 49ers are just totally devoid of talent. Everybody's injured or hurt and it's really really bad. So I I cautioned you if you're watching the game tonight do not have high expectations for the San Francisco 49ers. If they win this game. It's just another example of how long of a genius or head coach Kyle Shanahan truly is guys. My name is Akshay Kumar..

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