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What, what is the biggest reason you? Any state or local areas coming up where people bring a debate or their contentious about that point what what is one one reason they give for wanting someone to marry it seventeen or sixteen or something? What is the logical reason that they're giving? I don't understand it. I don't understand it but senator I'll can give you an example of Californian. Senator Jerry. Hill in twenty seventeen from northern California. ICU scituate of his came to him and she said a friend of hers it it's going. She's going to be forced into marriage as a minor in discount happen and she found out that it's legal in California and she wants to end that and so he thought it was a no brainer. And he introduced legislation sp two, seventy, three, no child marriage under eighteen exception. It was watered down so bad that the. Proponents of it basically hands off and they said, no we I'm sorry. We cannot support this bill anymore the way it was watered down. It no longer speaks to the goal of child ranch under eighteen exceptions and some of the opposition came from. Unforeseen quarters like. ACLU and. You mean. University. No Excuse me what is ACLU so? I. Am American Civil Liberties Union. Okay And or civil liberties union was against. They they felt it's against the fundamental rights of. Marriage and religion. But what about the? What about the rights of the child to have a safe child ton And so. Neither ACLU NOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD Opposed it in the other four states, but they did here in California. So we're trying to build a coalition, we started a the California coalition to child marriage in on September fourteen twenty, nineteen We had a town hall meeting at American. UCI University of California Irvine, at the law school there and we co hosted it with a UCI initiative to end family violence. And we launched the California coalition to end child marriage and we have partners in it and. The partners in the group, and so people can go to see a coalition to child. Rights Dot Org. And its partners in the partners are either victims, survivors of child match, elected officials, organizations, our community leaders..

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