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And as a senior in, in twelve games he had thirty two catches for five hundred and fourteen yards two touchdowns each year. So I mean not a bad average. He averaged over sixteen yards. In his career, but for for yards per catch, but it's not like he was out there said the world on fire, but if he was a six eight guy, setting the world on fire. He would be drafted in the fifth round, right? Brian, while your thoughts on gentry giving anything special put the cherry on top of the fact Sunday that Dave served up to us just a little bit ago. So he mentioned the Richard Sherman thing. And when I was thinking about Richard Sherman and Brian Allen. They were both came in as they were college wide receivers at one point then they switched to cornerback and they were big guys those very good comparison. And then he went on to say, you know, okay a tight end. That was a quarterback in college who else was a quarterback in college. Heath Miller was a quarterback when he first arrived, and then became a tight end. So very interesting, right, there, just those comparisons, one more thing about about Zach, gentry, just, just dimension. This has nothing to do with his play, but it's very interesting about the comparison to heath Miller, and Ben Rothlisberger had asked him to go ahead and switch his number from eighty three to eighty one. So that's a as in tribute to Miller to, like, leave that number alone, which I thought was something that I just found out when I was looking up Zack's real first name, which I never got to, because I thought that that was even more interest. But one more thing that to jump on. What Dave said? Yeah. The, the fifth round pick the fifth round pick seems to be a project. And when they brought Jesse James in as tight end he was a big guy, bringing in, in the word that they used all the time was project back in two thousand fifteen when they were talking about the Jesse James selection, that he's raw, he's got a lot to that. He's going to have to prove here. So that seems to be the same as gentry as he gonna make an impact to answer your question. No, not this year. But I still think he makes the team, Jeff Niagara deal unless there's something crazy. I, I guess making team this, maybe thankless. You're talking about all the players Steelers have had that were former quarterbacks that then went to different positions. At some point or another. You think about guys like Hines ward, Antwan Randle, El you mentioned heath..

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