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Hands take the free pledge today visit Car Free metro d c dot org's Good evening. It's 10, 48 traffic and weather together on the way we turn to Rob would fork and the GOP Traffic Center on I 95 in Virginia. Headed south bound through Jordan after the Lord exits the crash and the response along the left side of the roadway, and that delay continues down to the work zone before and after 1 23. It's just a single file, right getting you by there in Woodbridge in Fredericksburg, 95. North bound after US one Spotsylvania. Last report, the crash was blocking the right side of the roadway on the trip around the Beltway, the outer loop ramp to 66 westbound that off ramp is blocked due to the work zone Tonight. The outer loop between gallows and Brad IQ left lane blocked by the work crews and also the express lanes through that stretch also closed so traffic diverted to gallows Road, the outer loop between Allentown Road and Pennsylvania Avenue. It's two left lanes getting by the work zone and The outer loop between Route 50 and Annapolis Road left lane blocked by the work crews tonight also, Ah inter loop work zone between route for and joint base Andrews that's blocking the left lane. Back in Virginia, traveling on 3 95 north bound between Duke Street in King Street. It's a left lane getting by the work zone and continuing north bound between Shirlington and Washington Boulevard, two left lanes. Getting you by tonight's had been caught in delays on 66 westbound before and after the capital Beltway is just a single file left getting by that work zone Tonight. This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 50 to rob would fork W GOP traffic, Rob, Thank you are hazy skies today. No accident. Here's NBC for his bad Ritter. All the haze we've been seeing today associated with smoke from the wildfires in the Western U. S. Being transported down wind by the jet stream, So it's way up there. It's not gonna affect our air quality, but we'll be seeing it through the evening and the overnight hours. Otherwise it will be mostly.

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