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P o k w T o P news on their on Mobile on Alexa. It's 8 38 on its traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Jack Taylor, now on the GOP Traffic center. We've been watching the delays ease in Virginia running 95 going in the south bound direction she tried to get into Dale City. The trouble spot was all the way down, out of dumb freeze that's gone. So this is kind of the butterfly effect. If you will, coming out of Woodbridge headed south bound, a new trouble spot Fredericksburg North toward found with the reported accident after the Rappahannock River Bridge may already be on the shoulder, hopefully was quickly moved, but the delay stretched back very quickly toward Route three. It's debris on 66 west out near 50. It's along the right side of the roadway. The accident clean up 66 east was after 1 23 that was along the right side. You're in pretty decent shape on 3 95 all the way up from Springfield of the 14th Street Bridge. We do have delays in Maryland on to 70 going south. You're trying to get past the way station in Clarksburg just after the weigh station to crash cleanup was along the left side of the roadway while the explosions and the fire department activity we're hearing about its Beltsville old Baltimore Pike near North Maryland Avenue west of Edmonston Road, Watch for Fire department activity and potential hoses across the roadway, which means you will be redirected can't drive over them. Maryland Topside Outlook Heavy New Hampshire to Georgia still pretty quiet between the Beltway's on 95 little delay south on the VW Park. When you're 1 75. Nothing unusual there fifty's fine between the Northeast in the Bay Bridge with the Bay Bridge. Wind warnings were lifted. So now there've been no vehicle restrictions. So you're good to go all three lanes West and both lanes eastbound out of the Bay Bridge. Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic at a storm Team four. Meteorologist Truck Bell. Your Friday forecast is going to be an improving weather picture around the area. After a cloudy and damp start this morning. We'll get breaks of sunshine.

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