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Today so boston with dishes that right i think it's deeper than that because canceling well why was not a like a police military presence in charlottesville when there was in baltimore or than was in in ferguson is because you know those police departments federal funding any get it to get these type of tactical military gear so they had standby i guess he shows it doesn't have actually not that i could the nice at the strike that the like oh this on all these lewis always later away or eight colo let let them finish and then so ferguson baltimore uh these are cities dinner majorityblack right so be fleet departments are going to hatch that is on standby ready for the vim ship pops off so i'm not saying day you know the anything had it they would use it on why people but that's why you see so really available in places like was'more uh let's watch surrogate that's acts because i feel like with the ferguson gil it was a lotta coming nda quickly i think they definitely moved more quickly against a black protest crowds but i kinda get what you're saying that in an area like charlottesville it's like it's hunky dory year nothing's happened so we don't really need all that so the machete that metalmakers biggest bumped up in so because this is aiming hawes down ends as we recedes fucking mike youth right and nation other people at their schools but some i responded to.

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