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Probably what you're like at the moment but this is what you can be like a few put the system into practice so without giving too much away because obviously we all have to buy the book what are the basic tenets of this the basic tenets are take control of your calendar and your schedule and plan in advance and then put into practice a system that enables you to avoid distractions by taking everything that you need to remember putting it into everything non writing. I mean that you need to remember putting it into a system that will remind you when you need to know about those tasks that you need to carry out and thereby clearing your mind so that when you sit down to write the only thing you're thinking about is you'll writing which in itself is enough to fill anybody's brain. That's one of the points i make. Is that when we all writing. We are already juggling. Dozens of different trains of thought and trying to put things together and trying to use our imagination to the fullest and organize our thoughts into a story or a piece of journalism or whatever the last thing we need is more non writing stuff using that space in our memory as it were and so yes the basic principle of the system. I mean there are many parts. Obviously the basic principle above all others is get everything else out of your mind so that when you sit down to write. That's all you're thinking about right so once you've got a system that reminds you to pay the gospel by dog food or whatever honey then a void. The monday scourged and that is of course intrusion not only digital intrusion not only from emails but but as a writer and somebody that may need to research just endless kind of deep dives into the internet. That is mostly a matter of shia disciplined. Unfortunately that is something i mean. There are software solutions to this. There are certain plug ins and applications. You can buy that will effectively shut off your internet for a period of hours And thereby literally prevent you from going online those a quite extreme. But i do know people who use them you know. They work But mostly yeah. There are always ways to get round that sort of thing and so mostly. It is a question of being disciplined and having the willpower to say no. I'm not gonna do that and recognizing if you if you do if you kind of fall off the wagon were recognizing that you've done that and fixing it and not beating yourself up going okay. I made a mistake. They're all you know. I'll go back of switch off my email or whatever and try a game and what you find sunny. What i found is the that becomes much much easier. Partly because when you do that the reward you get which is the. Obviously you're writing goes a lot better. You are more focused. You get more writing done on. The writing do is better. you realize the benefits. It's a bit like the gym. Everybody hates going to the gym. Even people who regularly go to the gym like myself hate going to the gym. We'll hated but we do it. Because if you go regularly after a few months you start to realize okay. This is actually worth it. This is having an effect. And even though i don't like doing it. The benefits outweigh the displeasure. If you like from going and it's much the same word staying of social media not checking your email doing your best to ensure that you're not interrupted by the real world while you'll writing..

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