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See So later, So fucking. Dan Joins Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and then one of the things that in several things happened. Before this, like they had investigated I, think the scorch marks Cecile like what was actually burning and the interviewed everyone in town. But The main thing that happened was herald ended up Our doctor prints the guy that was charged. He had Dan and Herald try automatic writing who'll which I think is interesting to the story, but also I'm kind of. Of It because I've heard you talk about it and it doesn't sound like something you can just do it sounds like if the practice at right I mean I feel like you can anyone it's like one of those things I as far as I know, anyone can do it but you're right like you need to be like. In the right head space you're not day one. Yeah. I. Feel like it's something where you have to be. I mean, maybe if they followed the protocol, maybe Dr Prince was super super good at explaining the direction. Maybe Dan with. Some doubt Dan was good at following. Maybe. It was actually just like a secret. It's possible but so he decided that he wanted them to try automatic writing. So he told Herald and Dando hold pencils over the Basically, this is what he told them, which doesn't sound like very like narrow. Detail of instruction. Okay. He said Okay here's pencils put them over the paper and then spirits if you're around talk to I see so it doesn't sound like anyone's got even the spirit similarly get. Like what do you want me to slay already doing that we're setting fires they're like I don't WanNa work with Dan you. Oh. So anyway, they it sounded like. Like nothing really happened from that. Shock and later I think like six days later herald actually had to leave because he had to go report on a different story and so he said like I'm heading up before I. DO I have this really weird urged can you help me try do that automatic writing? Okay and so Dr Prints set him up with the. Pencil and paper, and basically for the next two hours herald just wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. So he really went from like. Like grasshopper till like. full-blown expert So he wrote for two hours and to this day, we don't know what a lot of the messages said Okay because Herald was like, oh, some of those were really private and it's like, what is blind? and. So. Everyone wants to know more. Yeah, I was like, okay. Wait a definitely keep our injury. He's stirring me along but so he promised that the spirits wouldn't. Are You promised spirits he wouldn't say what happened but he he did give. We gotTa Sleep I. Really have a crush on Dan God was just Dan like whispering from behind the curtain making him think it was a spirit..

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