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It's basically the manila russia if you don't ya got everything fullsized basketball hoop yeah onslaught of so we are here uh let's let's start with how we got here the jj why foundation we the awardwinning listeners raised over what fifty five thousand dollars sixteen thousand six thousand dollars on forty five for your foundation so i wanted to talk to you quickly like a little bit about your foundation um it is for kid middle school kids and i don't want you to put a price on a child's life but how many children you think we saved with our over 50000 got saved a lot there was a as i told you before it's thoroughly impressive what the work what the awardwinning listeners did but he saved a lot of kids at sea here sixty sixty thousand dollars uh you roughlybuilt see built a few basketball courts he bought a lot of jersey's new jersey's for edson if they didn't later thursday when they were dia is they're all your jersey his own nails in because then you end up being the numbers one selling jersey ling little bruins skin licencees i'm running who else made children where you say that one for later um so the foundations so it helps out got middle school kids get afterschool activities that so we basically provide them it's schools underprivileged areas so basically if they have sixty percent or more of their kids on a freer dupont's programs we go in and we provide whether they need soccer balls in soccer nets are basketball hoops basketball's uniforms wrestling mat whatever they need basically to be functioning sport we give them and people don't know this but you started that foundation.

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