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Yeah just doesn't you know pay guys because they pay him don't necessarily mean it's fair that you know a guy that has gotten a lot of grief over the last couple years who i'm happy for his alvin gentry yeah yes i love alvin everybody trying to run him away yes in general manager away they gonna trade entity day they're to get him out i mean jensen manager tron that they were trying to criticize them heavy and run them away both of them well but but del but now looks different well i mean let's see if they finish the deal but when you go to old on when you go to on the road ninety three percent chance of victory right so but they'll dem's dell dense deserves a lot of critics absolutely davis in five years of anthony davis davis is the only pig that he made they're still on the team is five that's all fine and dandy you gonna pick anthony davis i know i mean that's easy it's not that easy comey sam boyd got picked over michael jordan so that was you understand the rationale i understand i understand you saying i'm in this that draft it was pretty easy who the guy was always easy he was he was championship he was the best player on the best team it was he's a freak i mean i'm the gm i'm pit day everyone else he's picked as not only do understand you do understand that gm's do screw it up you really look at the detroit pistons joe dumars after vice me.

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