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Also the russians paying fusion gps one to lobby against magnitsky but hillary playing a paying fusion gps i keep saying plane because it is a freudian slip and getting play by fusion gps paying them to get basically the same sources to turn around and give them information on donald trump and you thought that information was going to be real folks what makes this so devastating there is a great catch by chuck ross from the daily caller hatip to him again folks i didn't make dumped i give you information there i'm not trying to take credit for someone else's word it was a great catch hatip chuck ross daily caller i tweeted his tweet this morning look at it on my time he noticed something in the senate testimony and versus the house testimony glenn simpson job again remember the names simpson the fusion gps founder who's working for hillary to gain information on trump wild working for the russians as well to get rid of magnitsky which the russian state do you think the russians have an incentive here to provide simpson through steel with misinformation you think so there are chaos operation there is a good catch here sorry i know my i have so much information among really my apologies folks i can't leave you over the weekend without getting this out there 'cause i know stuff's going to come out over the weekend that of sure simpson testifies to the senate and house and there's a huge discrepancy joe between his two testimony.

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