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Result of all the restrictions relative to covid nineteen many wondering, can we actually get out and play? How about a summer vacation 653? Now Thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen, ten KFI, A. dot com, where he's with Gail fueled by great, Western, petroleum, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios, so yeah summer has officially arrived summer actually began on the twentieth well, and after all of these stay at home and safer at home orders well, who isn't itching for vacation? Is it safe Some public health officials say not so fast this Asa Colorado, among other states, reopening restaurants and parks, while there is still that nasty, little virus from floating around. Yeah, there is still a global pandemic underway. Several regions across the nation are experiencing an uptick in cases of covid nineteen. But public health officials are now encouraging many of us especially, if you are one of those who is at risk for complications from covid nineteen to turn your summer vacation into stay. Haven't we stayed on long. This is because each time a person leaves their home. They risk exposure to and potentially further spreading of the corona virus that's according to a piece by Jessica Seaman in Denver Post and when one does go out to public experts say we should enjoy the outdoors and..

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