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Is here. And it's the perfect time to beautify and protect your home with a new paint job, a professional quality paint job by university painters will have your home looking beautiful again. If you're considering interior exterior painting, need carpentry work, or you'll want to power washer seal the deck, request a free estimate from university painters today. Schedule your free estimate now, call one 803 9 zero 48 48. One 803 9 O four 8 four 8 or go online. At university painter's dot com You're listening to WTO neighbors. Four 53. The pandemic's impact continues evolving in unexpected ways. One of them is its relationship to child abuse. Whether it's physical or sexual, new reports of child abuse come into the office of prosecutors every day here in prince George's county. We get a ton of reports that come from the non offending parent that's probably one of the major reporting sources for us. Also, teachers at school. Especially because students are comfortable talking to them after lessons about what is good and bad touching in school. Jess Garth is the head of the special victims and family violence unit in the state's attorney's office. The mandatory reporter training is better and is being, I guess, held to the standard that it needs to be held to. It's believed abuse didn't really win during the pandemic instead, those mandatory reporters weren't around kids as much as they are again now. In upper Marlboro, John dome in WTO news. April was national child abuse prevention month if you need help reporting suspected abuse go to child welfare dot gov. Harper's ferry national historic park is going cashless, starting this Saturday, the West Virginia park

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