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Welcome back to another episode of reality with Kate Hasty. I hope that you guys have had a great week and Boy Do I have an episode for you. If you're someone who's watched the food network you'll know my guest in fact if you've picked up and issue of people magazine You'd and food writers you will know my guest this week re Drummond also called the pioneer woman turns out she's one of us guys she loves Bravo shows and Oh I tracked her down on a ranch in Oklahoma and I asked her all about her favorite reality shows and guess what guys she'd text me back and said she considers herself a real housewives of Orange County and southern charm scholar which I appreciate in somebody especially since she's been watching real housewives of Orange County since episode and one I'm telling you she's our people so I was really excited to hear her thoughts on old episodes new episodes to come and to just kind of figure out what she it's about people like Jackson Britney and starchy in bow and heather dubrow and Kelly Dodd things that you might not necessarily know from watching her make caseload up on the food network she's our people telling you I also want to bring you some information about a new show it's a three part series on TLC and it is so good it's called taken at birth it is unbelievable so in one thousand nine hundred seventy shocking story makes makes headlines Thomas Hicks is a small town Georgia doctor and he apparently illegally sold more than two hundred babies from the back door of his clinic Jane Blonde theo has been trying to uncover the mysteries of this Hicks Clinic for over thirty years she is joined in this series by Lisa joyner Chris Jacobs who also host long lost Family which is another great show on Tlc which returns on October twenty fifth so they're trying to bring closure to the stories behind these stolen babies gene the lead investigator she learned at age five that she'd been adopted but the full darker tale of how she was acquired didn't emerge until much later after the death of her adoptive mother which freed her to open you know some of these really hard questions to the remaining parent who raised her and so we're quest for answers Rocca open a small towns secrets so you've got a Docu series which is all about babies that were placed for adoption in the black mark it and a small town doctor it's like a lifetime movie but it's really happen so TLC examines Jane's pursuit of her I enter effort to inform and unite others like her collectively known as the Hicks babies so it's a six part three nights special called birth on Tlc so basically a father of three who was married to a baptist Sunday school teacher Hicks died at age eighty three in one thousand nine hundred seventy two long before jeans digging into the first headlines about the scandal in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven she wrote an article that appeared in a newspaper Mojo so at the time he died Hicks was without a medical license having surrendered to avoid prosecution following his nineteen sixty four arrest for performing Sion's Laszio Jane Blasios knew that she'd been born in Mackay's Ville Georgia her birth certificate noted that but the couple who raised her Joan James Walters of Akron Ohio were falsely listed as birth parents to both Blasi oh and her older sister Michelle who also came from the same Georgia Clinic against what goes back to McKay's several times over fourteen years gathering stories but everyone in the town they were so weird to her she goes to bookstore and the man says I'll give you information of slips for a piece of paper and says you have to meet me at my house after hours can't let anybody know about it which is so strong range because this doctor died in one thousand nine hundred seventy two but they're all still holding onto the secrets so a breakthrough eventually arrived with the help of a local probate judge became Jane's ally in her search she didn't have any knowledge of what Dr Hicks had been doing and she did not have an allegiance to him or his family so she went ahead and she perused the birth certificates that he was taking to the county registrar back in the eighties or back in the fifties and sixties and found out that there were an estimated two hundred plus babies that have gone to Akron Ohio from the Hicks Clinic in Georgia so the TLC special unites Jane with Lisa Joyner and Chris Jacobs as I meant listen and they're trying to basically pierced the secrecy in the broken biological ties that still surround many Hicks babies of which blasios Oh born in one thousand nine hundred sixty five appears to be the the last and the youngest so it's pursuing questions of when and why Hicks started selling babies explores what the birth mothers were told and whether Hicks himself possibly fathered any of the infants who were sold or given away and let me just say it's using DNA which I love it's using interviews with people in the town there's some people that have finally come forward of course because their cameras and let me just put it this way visit to a mausoleum which they're going to they're going to break into as part of a series taken at birth on Tlc it is worth every minute of your time so here we go with re Drummond read drum in the pioneer woman I can't believe my good lock it turns is out that not only is she a blogger and author food writer photographer TV personality she's also a scholar when it comes to reality television shows and in my opinion that serves a greater purpose more important than being a wife a mother of four children it really is her greatest achievement to date re welcomed the show okay you get me what can I say thank you for that introduction and I I do need to set you straight I am a scholar of Bravo Yati so not necessarily other reality shows so Bravo's my drug of choice I don't know if I agree with that because I read somewhere that you had said you knew the exact moment that Jon and kate plus eight were ultimately divorce Oh really did I say that I don't remember anything I've ever said now that's true but that was that was old time old old days TLC right now I have Bravo I basically just have bravo on it's an IV in my ear at this point well I salute awesome that I I I don't remember ever saying that about Donna Kate plus eight but I did watch that show in the early days it was pretty pretty precious and its inception I feel like the turning point for me when I knew there headed to split spill was when they went on a they went to film and at and Taylor and kate explain that John was responsible for buying her clothes thought this is not gonNA work out in the end and sure enough and then I always wondered in later days why she needed to employ a bodyguard. Steve kneels do you remember that I think I vaguely remember that you know I having four children and and being on TV myself I kind of multiply that and and the the attention that they got at the time and you know that that's a lot of pressure it's it's it's really it would have been quite defeat to to make it through that intact and I mean having a that many children at once any babies at once would send most people over the edge in anyway so that's what I remember about this show most fleet is I just was in love with those kids you know the Ada and and and Joel and the the little boys I remember when I had my little boy todd he he reminded me so much of those little boys just he was just kind of he had the same little little Aquinas that they had so that's kind of what I remember about that show the most so cute okay well let's get into a quick question for you your hot husband does he watch any shows with you how he pretends he doesn't and he protests and he just he can't say enough about how much he dislikes Bravo and I think by Osmosis he has just somehow it has seeped into his country business because as I said it's kind of just in the atmosphere here so he he now he's familiar with all the the the original the cast of the various shows but he would never admit that he gives it the time of day I agree I agree I have any more husband he he is hot by the way thank you for pointing that out okay I heard you say that straight oh well it's true so let's start with real housewives of Orange County I know that you have watched since episode one I have to so I have some questions for you okay okay I'm ready do you feel like the moment that Lori Peterson and Vicky Gumma listens relationship change and the show changed once George Peterson Gifted Laurie with that luxury car with the big red bow on it and Vicky held her in her arms and said he's the greatest guy that ever lived I can't actually I can actually do imitation he's the greatest guy that ever lived she she you could tell that yeah it was it was see was as odd by it as Laurie was and and I do remember they were holding each other I do remember getting a kick out of that scene The seventy one times I've watched it do you think don with two ends gun. Boston was the unsung hero in the House of Gumbleton I love Don and I still do and I I'm touched that he is still in Briana 's life and involved with her boys and I I also admire that he has stayed entirely out of the spotlight since he and Vicki broke up and he left the show he seemed he seemed like a pretty good guy I agree what about Slade Smiley now that you look back where was the mo what was the moment that you knew he could be Michael was it when he was wearing the meatball huggers and doing sort of stretches like Jujitsu stretches or when he was bragging about the black American rest card in the furniture store Oh Gosh see kate I think I should tell you that one problem I have with with my bravo life is that I like everyone even if they're not very redeemable I don't seem very redeemable even I even if they aren't likable I I like everyone so it's slade it kind of reminds me a of a he was just a guy he he's like the guys that like to hang out with girls you know just in college they he it seems like he would rather go hang and go out with girls friends than be a guy's guy 'cause probably speaking of guys guys lab would probably not want to be on a reality television show but yeah slade he he's really it's been a journey it's GonNa Journey for slade so.

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