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Hey everyone. We appreciate you joining us in the huddle I'm your host fifteen year NFL quarterback gus alongside my longtime friend and Co host Dave Hager. Where we talked to guest about how sports shaped their life. Be sure to check us out on our website up with Gus Dot com, where you can listen to more episodes, just like this. Now, let's join the huddled. Everyone thanks for joining us another sort of huddle off gusts I'm your host Gus Rod fifteen year NFL quarterback I'm usually joined by my long time. Friend and Kohl's Dave Hager Dave is not with US Dave job. Be joining us every now and then back on podcast today I'm joined by my. Kind of interim co host. Spencer so Marnie how are you doing? I'm doing great. Thanks, guys. How are you I'm very great now. Barney you agree the budget book. How's that going are you how how's everything What do you have out? Well my newest book football. Freddie and Kumble. The Dog Game Day Dallas. It's about to come out and you know the book business is I think pretty consistent business, but in particular I really believe and you know this. We've talked about it. That sports is the universal language, so it's really important for me to try to educate my love of football, but also my love of history and my love of the tradition of football through my children. As football Freddie and fumbled the dog, and I'm certainly excited to have.

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