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General Jens Stoltenberg said he's taking a wait and see attitude The demands to be seen whether Russia is really willing to make some serious compromises and also to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine Anger in the west over Russian president Vladimir Putin's decision today to place his nuclear forces on high alert CBS News Pentagon correspondent cami McCormick A senior defense official says Putin's move is not only unnecessary but escalatory and puts in place the possibility of a miscalculation It could this official says make things much much more dangerous The U.S. doesn't discuss its strategic posture but this official says it's being constantly reviewed in the military is confident it can defend the homeland The mayor of key vitali Klitschko has a simple message for the Russian troops who he says have encircled his city Go back home You have nothing to find here There is no plan to evacuate civilians from the capital because all escape routes are blocked A large Russian forces had to be less than 20 miles from Kyiv and some enemy forces are already in the city Officials and kief are handing out weapons freely to anyone who wants to defend their home Hundreds of thousands of terrified Ukrainians have left their country already and the UN says as many as 5 million more could do so I'm Vicky Barker at the foreign desk in London Exhausted refugees continue to flood across Ukraine's borders Suga 52 hours to get here The UN says 368,000 have fled so far New York's Roman Catholic cardinal Timothy Dolan prayed today at saint George's Ukrainian Catholic Church in the city WCBS radio reporter Christie collision was there Pews were full of parishioners many of.

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